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Most notably, a cultural confusion arises with the number of bafflingly named characters, some of whom change their names as the novel progresses.
To the man in the street, the new system looks bafflingly opaque.
The incomprehensible nature of artistic creation is the centerpiece of his new work, set in 1919, which follows Myra as she bafflingly continues to turn in transcribed chapters of Mr.
Ataka's demand for a referendum would defuse the issue, he claimed, somewhat bafflingly. Campaigners geared up for a fight and opposition politicians said they would raise the issue in the European Parliament.
railway project was noisy, smelly, hot, strenuous and sometimes bafflingly mundane work--but it taught me to appreciate every minute in front of my laptop, tapping away at the keys.
In Much Ado About Nothing's first scene, for example, the bafflingly obscure teasing of Benedick for his misogyny "conceals a skein of allusions associating Benedick with the thousands of 'don't knows' who were beginning to regret their conformity, to the state religion."
Dressed in white body wraps and creating a bafflingly unique combination of synth and guitar sounds, they only attracted boos, not new fans.
No, Zerzan replied, bafflingly: "Tools are not technology." What about the positive uses of technology in bringing people together through the Internet?
With qualifications, it expressed itself in landscapes, still lifes, portraits, and--Riegl somewhat bafflingly claims--in genre painting.
If one group of American men feels truly "stiffed," it is divorced fathers, bafflingly absent from Faludi's account.