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Resident Joy Buck is against the override and believes the message sent by the Bag Lady tells the true story - which is emotional for many longtime residents of the town who feel rising taxes threaten their ability to keep their homes.
Few theatre productions or performances really get you to thinK about what you are watching, or leave you with a sense of questioning yourself, but Bag Lady does.
But hold on, look, that's not a bag lady, that's yourself Helen, reflected in the shop window.
They really got in the spirit of things and went above the beyond the call of duty--especially JT, who pretty much made out with a bag lady to earn his team the big 50.
Every year, Fichter figured in the show as an accordion-playing, soothsaying bag lady in a big hat.
And Badu gives advice to the homeless sister who inspired "Bag Lady": "Pack light."
So are all those people I go to church with--not only the pastor and the deacon and the woman who volunteers for everything, but very possibly the snoring bag lady, the cantor who loses the tune, the 2-year-old who shouts "And also with you!" And, in the words of the English children's hymn, "There's not any reason--no, not the least--why I shouldn't be one too."
(The price to be paid, as you might guess, is that one of the lovers has AIDS.) His play has ruffled some feathers, however, because of its unsentimental, not to say cruel treatment of its two lower-class characters, a waitress (played by Barbara Garrick) and a bag lady (Anne Meara in a star turn), whom the architect hero (Dylan Baker) has misguidedly invited to his Hamptons summer home along with three of the right sort: Phoebe, the stockbroker he loves (Patricia Clarkson); her brother Peter, a TV producer (Kevin Conroy); and Drew Paley, a gay postmodern painter of the first rank (Peter Frechette, to whom the author alots the best one-liners and the biggest scenes, and who returns the favor by delivering a bravura performance).
| | | STEPHEN FRY got into hot water last week when he called costume designer Jenny Beavan a bag lady, for her casual dress code when she came to collect her BATA award.
Bag Lady quip was funniest of the night FRY Baize of publicity
STEPHEN Fry appears to have quit Twitter following backlash over his poorly-received "bag lady" comment at the Bafta awards.
Act one sets the scene as Dorothy meets Dole Boy, who, with a few word swaps, gives a brilliant rendition of the Scarecrow's score If I Only Had a Brain; Bag Lady, a tough homeless woman who finds herself out on the streets; and Rocky, a coward who won't fight even though he comes from a "rough" family.