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1. a board game in which balls are struck into holes, with pins as obstacles; pinball
2. another name for bar billiards
3. a short light piece of music, esp for piano



a short instrumental piece, especially for the piano. The term was first used by F. Couperin. Bagatelles for the piano were composed by Beethoven (three series of pieces), A. K. Liadov, and B. Bartok. A. Dvorak and A. Webern wrote bagatelles for instrumental chamber ensembles.


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The singer will feature during a night of "live soul, jazz and blues" at Mediterranean restaurant Bistrot Bagatelle, located inside the Fairmont Hotel on Shaikh Zayed Road.
Usually, Bistrot Bagatelle includes a bar within the dining room, which we separated in order to keep the bar alive once diners leave.
We have done our best to give Maison Bagatelle that look and feel and the food compliments well.
Bagatelle Las Vegas redefines the Mediterranean dining experience through the exquisite seasonal menu and the untouchable, beautifully designed space offered for your enjoyent.
Done with relish by the Lekkers, it was a perfect overture to Ligeti's Six Bagatelles which is a masterwork that was masterfully played.
BEIRUT: Many people recognize his places before his name -- Uncle Sam's, the Blue Note Cafe, Le Rouge, Bagatelle -- but restaurateur Nabil Majdalani has long been a force in Lebanon's hospitality industry, achieving success with a simple formula: quality and a personal touch.
Financial Advisors is designed for clients requiring more straightforward financial solutions, while Wealth Advisors will be aimed at clients requiring more complex financial solutions, said Bagatelle.
I am looking forward to building a world-class banking operation here in New York City for Provident Bank that provides superior service to our clients end superior results for the bank," Bagatelle added.
Bagatelle was most recently president and CEO of Herald National Bank, a bank that he had founded.
I'M slightly ashamed to admit that I didn't really know the first thing about Bagatelle.
While we are there we will visit many places in the region, such as Bagatelle Theme Park, Nausicaa - the biggest sea life centre in Europe and La Coupole - Hitler's World War 11 V2 bomber Base.