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1. any of various measures of quantity, such as a bag containing 1 hundredweight of coal
2. any pouch or sac forming part of the body of an animal, esp the udder of a cow
3. Hunting the quantity of quarry taken in a single hunting trip or by a single hunter
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What does it mean when you dream about a bag?

Bags can carry connotations of secrecy, particularly sexual secrets (bags can symbolize wombs). Placing something in a bag or similar receptacle may represent something unpleasant we wish to avoid, so a bag dream could indicate the repression of awareness. Bags can also hold gifts and nourishment (grocery bags), and represent our hopes, wishes and plans. The key to determining which of these meanings apply is the emotional tenor of the dream. (See also Basket, Sack).

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A flexible cover used in bag molding.
A container made of paper, plastic, or cloth without rigid walls to transport or store material.
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bag, sack

A quantity of portland cement: 94 lb in the United States, 87.5 lb in Canada, 112 lb (50.8 kg) in the United Kingdom, and 50 kg in most countries using the metric system.
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DuPage County court records say that on July 22, Mirabella was in a checkout line at Jewel-Osco to buy alcohol when he punched a grocery bagger in the face, grabbed his shoulders and kicked him in the buttocks.
For more than 30 years, Pro Grain Equipment has designed, manufactured and delivered a complete line of grain-handling equipment and storage options including grain baggers, extractors, transfer augers and transfer conveyors.
Within two weeks, the Swedish golfing organization wrote back to say that a decision had been made: Bagger could join the tour.
Bite-sized and fingerling potatoes are rinsed, dried, graded on grading tables, then briefly stored in what Bender calls bins until they land on the main "pack line" conveyor, which feeds all 13 different baggers.
The company previously announced on May 24, 2016 that it was evaluating strategic alternatives for its Bagger Dave's restaurants and brand.
Bosch Packaging Technology (Bosch) is launching its SVI 2600 vertical bagger into the South African market at Propak Africa 2016.
"Duff's creativity and enthusiastic personality will certainly bring another energetic component to the Best Bagger Championship, and we look forward to having him there with us to crown the 2015 Best Bagger Champion."
That initiative manifested in a USD $1 million investment in a new green bean blending system, the upgrade of five augers to new servo models, and most recently, the purchase of a new vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) bagger from Bosch Packaging Technology.
This was achieved with training and product settings made at PFM's UK headquarters in Leeds, before the bagger and weigher were delivered to Processed Snack Products.
It is a pneumatically driven system designed to stop and align the products released from the stacker, a "robot pusher" unit with dual servo drives that transfer products into the feeding area of the bagger.
Jorvina said he tailed Canja when he noticed that the bagger had tucked some chocolates in his pants.