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1. Sir Benjamin. 1840--1907, British engineer who, with Sir John Fowler, designed and constructed much of the London underground railway, the Forth Railway Bridge, and the first Aswan Dam
2. Chet, full name Chesney H. Baker. 1929--88, US jazz trumpeter and singer
3. Dame Janet. born 1933, British mezzo-soprano
4. Sir Samuel White. 1821--93, British explorer: discovered Lake Albert (1864)

What does it mean when you dream about a baker?

Baking can represent something on which one is working, perhaps even psychological reflection (working on oneself). It also might refer to the connotations of expressions like “half-baked” or “If I knew you were coming I would have baked a cake.”

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Most Stairs Hardflipped: Bryan Herman, Baker, NY, D7 blocks
Baker Hostetler's deal will include the 9th, 10th and 11th floors of the building, which is plans to occupy in the summer of 2007.
According to Baker, some areas of the ports were not evaluated based on lack of effectiveness for military use.
Brad Baker, grandson of one of Canada's top prospectors, Walter Baker, says the company will start drilling for uranium in the Sibley Basin in northwestern Ontario soon.
Baker was a member of an ad hoc committee of AFVW residents using certified financial data provided by the community's vice president of finance; he used the information to determine that approximately 40% of the couple's monthly fees was attributable to medical care.
As a junior forestry officer, Baker heard of whole tribes dying as the forests on which they relied were destroyed.
As Ransby says, "For Ella Baker, anchoring her activism within the black freedom struggle was not simply a matter of identity but rather a part of a political analysis that recognized the historical significance of racism as the cornerstone of an unjust social and economic order in the United States extending back to slavery.
At the same time, however, Baker contributed to the haze surrounding herself.
Baker claims he was on his way to Japan for a bit of pre-World Cup tourism and that the bag--loaded with the biggest synthetic drugs haul in Narita's history--was foisted on him by a traveling companion.
Barbara Ransby's new book, Ella Baker & the Black Freedom Movement: A Radical Democratic Vision, (University of North Carolina Press, April 2003, $34.
While it's a relief to see Baker getting away from the fussbudget pornography of his recent novels Vox and The Fermata, his genius for passionately detailed, morally complex descriptive writing rarely appears in this jeremiad.