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Ordinarily, baker's yeast has little need for lipids except to reinforce cell walls.
Genetic changes that slow aging in roundworms also keep the lowly baker's yeast from going rapidly over the hill, new research shows.
Both products are natural extracts from the nucleus of baker's yeast (saccharmoyces cerevisiae) cells.
The Nislow and Giaever labs at the University of Toronto have developed an automated drug interrogation platform that relies on the model organism, baker's yeast.
Wellmune WGP[R] and our other novel baker's yeast beta glucan ingredients are clinically proven to safely prime key immune cells that help keep the body healthy.
Outeiro explains how baker's yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, is helping researchers learn how alpha-synuclein might lead to Parkinson's disease.
Scientists have discovered an ingredient in red wine that extends the lifespan of baker's yeast by up to 80%.
In a major step toward understanding how higher organisms copy their genes, biologists isolated a cluster of proteins that initiates the process in baker's yeast (141: 340).
SUMO Protein Production Technology Used to Enhance Baker's Yeast Enzymes & Co-Products
According to Bo Stenhuus, vice president of Compliance at Fluxome, the patent "covers an exclusive production fermentation method using safe baker's yeast and sugar to produce high quality natural ingredients from eco-friendly sources.
The other route involves the well-known baker's yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Laboratory have isolated a cluster of proteins that initiates copying of the chromosomes of baker's yeast.