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(băləlī`kə), Russian stringed musical instrument, with a triangular body and a long fretted neck fretted instrument. Usually there are three strings, which are generally plucked with a pick. The balalaika is made in various sizes, and several may be combined to make a band or orchestra. A similar instrument, the bandura, is found in Ukraine and Russia, and other types are to be found in the countries of the Middle East, where the balalaika almost certainly originated. The instrument did not appear in Russia until c.1700. Like the guitar, it has been much used to accompany folk songs and country dances.



Russian stringed pizzicato instrument. As a rule the body is triangular in shape; the neck has frets and three strings (in earlier models, two). The sound is produced chiefly by strumming all strings with the index finger of the right hand and by plucking separate strings. In the 18th and 19th centuries it was widely used as a solo and ensemble instrument and to accompany singing. In the 1880’s it was perfected by V. V. Andreev and the instrumental masters F. S. Paserbskii and S. I. Nalimov. The family of balalaikas created later forms the basis of Russian folk instruments orchestras. Outstanding performers on the balalaika were V. V. Andreev, B. S. Troianovskii (1883–1951), N. P. Osipov (1896–1945), and P. I. Necheporenko (born in 1916). Major works for balalaika written by Soviet composers include concertos for balalaika and orchestra by S. N. Vasilenko, M. M. Ippolitov-Ivanov, and others.


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a plucked musical instrument, usually having a triangular body and three strings: used chiefly for Russian folk music
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To the filmmakers' credit, they don't go so far as to show the Russians dancing to a balalaika by the campfire, but that might only be because there are no campfires on a submarine.
A man strums the balalaika as a hot-air balloon floats aloft; Admiral George Dewey--the hero of the Battle of Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War--and a Russian folk dancer flank a pair of American flags; a circus performer balances on horseback as a tennis player prepares to return a ball.
Composer Nigel Hess has done a brilliant job reflecting the musical styles of the prewar period, from an Ivor Novello-eque ballad performed by Spanish traveller Don Armado and servant Moth, to the Gilbert and Sullivan inspired operetta in the Nine Worthies sequence, a real balalaika for the Russian dance and music hall.
Siverko Dance Ensemble from Russia, which was founded in 1976 and first came to the Billingham festival in 1987, are accompanied by a harmonica, balalaika, reed pipe and domra.
Criminal barrister Jamie explains: "We've held some great events here, with everyone from Russian balalaika players to members of the Sinfonia.
Putin played all the strings of the balalaika in his speech Tuesday announcing the annexation of Crimea.
Among the other musicians performing at the festival are Turkish classical pianist ydil Biret; Russia's Ossipov Balalaika Orchestra, to be conducted by Vladimir Ponkin; the soloists of the Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra; Greece's Tetraktys String Quartet; Japanese classical violinist Akiko Suwanai; and Russian pianist Alexei Volodin.
An 80-piece orchestra was sprinkled with unique instruments, including a banjo, Spanish guitar and a Russian Balalaika.
But there are also quite a few audio references to Russian folk instruments such as the balalaika and the dulcimer, digital software which can be heard as part of the orchestral texture.
The Eugene musician - the accordion-playing third of Trio Voronezh, which also includes Valerie Petrukhin on balalaika and domra player Vladimir Volokhin - picked up the ultra-new Roland FR-8x "virtual accordion" with its 92 right-hand buttons, 120 bass buttons on the left, 180 orchestral sounds and 18 drum sets.
Balalaika and Domra Association of America Festival/Concert.
The group - Anne Marit Bergheim, Marianne Sveen, Solveig Heilo and Turid Jorgensen - play everything from banjo to accordion and contrabass balalaika and will be performing tonight at Birmingham's HMV Institute With a mix-bag of songs from Tea With Cinnamon, a jolly carousel ride around your teacup - off their debut album Le Pop - to their latest release Soviet Trumpeter, an eerie gothic song that might instil fear in the most hardy - from their latest album A Kiss Before I Go.