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Inflammation of the glans of the penis or of the clitoris.



inflammation of the glans penis. It is usually associated with prepuce inflammation, or posthitis (bal-anoposthitis). Balanitis occurs chiefly in children whose glans penis is covered by the prepuce, especially if the latter is tight (phimosis). A distinction is made between primary and secondary balanitis. Primary balanitis can be caused by bacteria, retained urine, smegma, and so on in the preputial sac in congenital phimosis and the like. Secondary balanitis arises when an infection (such as gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, or syphilis) spreads to the glans penis from the urethra. Among the systemic diseases, such diseases as diabetes mel-litus and allergic disorders (eczema, hives) may be conducive to the development of balanitis. Balanitis is manifested by pain, ureteral colic while urinating, reddening or even ulceration of the skin of the glans penis and prepuce, suppurative discharges from under it, edema of the penis, and enlargement of the inguinal lymph nodes.

Treatment includes the use of anti-inflammatory drugs (such as antibiotics, baths with disinfectants), as well as surgery in phimosis and recurrent balanitis combined with diabetes. The condition is prevented by observing the rules of personal hygiene.

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Nevuslere ek olarak psoriazis, balanitis gibi eriskinleri de etkile-yebilen bazi benign lezyonlar tanimlanmistir.
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