balcony rail

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rail, 3
ragwork, 1
1. A bar of wood or other material passing from one post or other support to another; a hand support along a stairway.
2. A structure consisting of rails and their sustaining posts, balusters, or pillars, and constituting an enclosure or a line of division, as a balcony rail.
3. A horizontal piece in a frame or paneling as a door rail, or in the framework of a window sash.
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Witnesses have told them Paul was seen clambering on to the balcony rail seconds before he fell.
Even balcony rails remain loyal to Modernism's ocean-liner aesthetic, with the eclectic choice of materials being the only clue to the building's age.
The floor seemed to warp and I had to cling to the balcony rails.
This included child-proofing windows and ensuring balcony rails were vertical and narrow enough to stop a child getting through.
The difference between high-rise buildings in Europe and here is that many buildings have stopped providing balconies, mainly for safety reasons so that children do not get the chance to climb over the balcony rails," Ajun said.
At its heart, the French Quarter has two-storey buildings in faded pastels with shuttered windows and iron balcony rails - just the sight to make you grab your camera.
Within this framework, Wilmotte is sensitive to the varied needs of library users, skilfully managing to create many different kinds of places and atmospheres -- nooks for private study, large group work tables, reading stands on the balcony rails for casual browsing and assorted exhibition areas.
Smiling Pippa seemed to be enjoying herself as she leaned on the balcony rails watching the action from the grandstand above the Lawn Bar.
Some measures, such as limiting the gap a window may open, or narrowing the gap between bars of balcony rails, help prevent children from climbing or hanging out of windows/balconies.
The balcony rails are high enough to keep small children from wandering away without blocking out the views and a locked gate a mile down the road from the site means no through traffic to worry about.
Circulation routes are defined by austerely detailed balcony rails.
Contract Award Notice: CU/1155/13 - Fabricate and Install Galvanised Balcony Rails at Howard Place,DysartAll as detailed on photos and schedule