balcony rail

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rail, 3
ragwork, 1
1. A bar of wood or other material passing from one post or other support to another; a hand support along a stairway.
2. A structure consisting of rails and their sustaining posts, balusters, or pillars, and constituting an enclosure or a line of division, as a balcony rail.
3. A horizontal piece in a frame or paneling as a door rail, or in the framework of a window sash.
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The planters in Vancouver were wonderful--growing into a pleasing mix of shapes and textures that lined the balcony rail making a great setting for quiet dinners and pleasant evenings.
Volney was too drunk to be interviewed but the following day he told police that Sasha may have climbed on to the balcony rail and fell.
But she toppled over the balcony rail as she turned round during a loving clinch.
It's as if someone is carrying him, then throwing his body over the balcony rail," Blanco's mother Sheila Blanco told
Police suspect he lost his balance after clambering on to the balcony rail.
The spacious lounge features space for dining and double doors, which open inwards, to a balcony rail.
Both styles of apartment feature an attractive lounge with bay window and balcony rail, dining kitchen, and en suite master bedroom.
A SCREAMING woman dangled from a 30ft high balcony rail by her fingertips for nearly a minute before plummeting to the ground.
Sarah Waddington, 28, walked into their room to see Steven, 35, hanging from a balcony rail.
He either clutched at Lisa, or she grabbed him - and he pulled her over the balcony rail as he fell.
Arranged over three floors, there's an open-plan American-style family kitchen with French doors to a patio, large lounge and master suite with French doors to a balcony rail on the first floor and four bedrooms on the second floor with two sharing an ensuite.
Victim Paul Turner, 27, was spotted doing a balancing act on a fifth-floor balcony rail after a night out with his mates.