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baldachin, baldacchino, baldachino, baldaquin, ciborium

An ornamental canopy over an altar, usually supported on columns, or a similar form over a tomb or throne.
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Among the practices related to spiritual care on the part of nurses are: showing the empathy and compassion to inspire the will to live; attending to the patient's physical, emotional and spiritual aspects; listening to the patient's fears, worries and reflections and his/her spiritual story; helping patients to carry out their religious practices; and working together with interdisciplinary healthcare team members (Baldacchino 2006; Pulchalski 2001).
Former EPP MEP and vice-president of the Conservative opposition, Busutill declared that the election of Abela Baldacchino brings "shame on Malta" and also calls into question the political ethics of the Labour Party.
Fleming 6, Naughton 6, Hall 5 (Kissock 5), Mynell 6, Skelton 6, McGill 6, Osman 5, Murray 6, Baldacchino 5 (Taylor 5), Deverdics 5, Wilkinson 5, (Barr 5).
Naughton then delivered a cracking cross for Baldacchino as he sneaked in unmarked at the far post but he failed to control and a good chance was gone.
Mr Baldacchino said, "They already support over 800 full-time jobs in Wales.
CARLISLE (4-4-2): Keen; Shelley, Taylor, Kelly, Murphy; Baldacchino (McDonagh, 86), Osman, Sommerbell, Magennis (McGill, 66); Sutton, Farrell (Wake, 58).
Highlights for the trust included the 100 people who volunteered in Elland to clear mud from the towpath, create a "There's still much to do and so we'll be organising more volunteering opportunities in "We've been blown away by | David Baldacchino, waterway manager for the Canal and River Trust Elland, Mirfield and Hebden Bridge.
One of the workers known as sanpietrini cleans the Baldacchino over the main altar in St.
The EUR6million Baldacchino Supreme bed features 107kg of solid 24ct gold with the option to customise the headboard with diamonds.
Baldacchino (art education, Columbia U.) has been a colleague of philosopher Maxine Greene for many years, and his book explores Greene's fundamental work in the realm of self and the imagination and how they are applied to learning strategies in classroom environments.
And subs Ryan Baldacchino and Nicky Deverdics nearly snatched an equaliser for the hosts before McCormack made sure of the points in stoppage-time.
GRETNA midfielder Ryan Baldacchino is hoping his fitness problems are behind him as he looks forward to life in the the SPL.