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baldachin, baldacchino, baldachino, baldaquin, ciborium

An ornamental canopy over an altar, usually supported on columns, or a similar form over a tomb or throne.
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A goal-line clearance from Forsyth denied Gretna's dangerman Baldacchino a minute after the restart And Hogarth had to be down well to hold a fizzing Bingham drive before Baldacchino hit the bar with a cross-cum-shot.
GRETNA: Main 7, Nichols 7 (McQuilkan 6), Aitken 7, McGuffie 7, Townsley 7, Innes 8, Baldacchino 7, GRADY 9, Deuchar 8, Bingham 8, Skelton 7 (Tosh 6).
Baldacchino opened up the Albion defence with a whipping cross which Deuchar chested down for McGuffie to blast home from close range.
Midway through the half a corner by Baldacchino saw Chris Innes have a header cleared off the line by Mark Perry.
In 77 minutes Deuchar showed a flash of the skills that have brought him so many goals this season when he brought down a Baldacchino through ball, held off a Shire defender and unleashed a rocket shot that Jackson beat away.
Skelton then powered a free-kick into Shire's defensive wall after Johnny Walker's unorthodox attempt to tackle livewire Baldacchino with what resembled a headlock.
Parkes of Pensacola-Tallahassee; and Auxiliary Bishop Peter Baldacchino of Mami.
Spiritual care has been found to be effective in developing coping strategies for patients in times of crisis, in them being at peace with themselves and in creating a positive view of life (Kociszewski 2003; Baldacchino and Draper 2001).
Malta's political establishment, and to a lesser extent the European Parliament, are abuzz over the arrival of a new Maltese MEP, Claudette Abela Baldacchino.
One of the workers known as sanpietrini cleans the Baldacchino over the main altar in St.
In the tradition of Paulo Freire, the influential theorist of critical pedagogy, Baldacchino (dean, School of Art & Design at University College, Falmouth, UK) presents an analysis of art as an entree to discussing philosophical/political issues of modernity that goes beyond the tautology of "is it art?
The EUR6million Baldacchino Supreme bed features 107kg of solid 24ct gold with the option to customise the headboard with diamonds.