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Switzerland: see BaselBasel
or Basle
, Fr. Bâle, canton, N Switzerland, bordering on France and Germany. It is bounded in the N by the Rhine River (which becomes navigable in the canton) and in the S by the Jura Mts.
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a large packing measure for textile raw materials such as cotton, wool, and rags, in the shape of a four-sided prism or (less often) a cylinder. The material to be baled is compressed in mechanical and hydraulic presses to reduce the cost of transportation and to protect against dust and moisture. A bale of cotton 0.3–0.59 eu m in size weighs 120–220 kg. The bale is sheathed in packaging fabric and held together with wire hoops.


(industrial engineering)
A large package of material, pressed tightly together, tied with rope, wire, or hoops and usually covered with wrapping.
The amount of material in a bale; sometimes used as a unit of measure, as 500 pounds (227 kilograms) of cotton in the United States.


1. US 500 pounds of cotton
2. a group of turtles
3. Austral and NZ See wool bale
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A total of 23 bales were sorted by resin and product type at four different North American facilities.
Giggs 9 Bale 10 HEADING: Over a near 25-year career, it was inevitable Giggs would score the odd header, but it wasn't a strength.
Each bale was weighed using a digital platform scale and three core samples from each side of a bale were collected in an airtight plastic sample bag and temporarily stored in an ice-filled cooler.
According to Lopez, Bale is becoming a fashion trendsetter in Spain, adding that many customers, mostly teenagers and even younger children, come to his shop wearing Bale shirts and manage to go out looking somewhat like him.
In the recent past, Bale hasn't been committed to his training sessions with Tottenham.
The 24-year old Bale flashed a 'stony-faced' while Spur manager Andre Villas-Boas headed to a different direction.
But Real are refusing to give up in their pursuit of Bale and think [euro]100m will be enough.
The Bale Family Fetal Heart Center is a collaborative effort of pediatric cardiologists at ACH and the obstetrics/gynecology department at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.
The need now, however, is to detect the highest moisture point in a bale that could have moisture variability.
In 2007, DowEurope GmbH, manufacturer of polyethylene resins designed for bale wrapping films, commissioned baled silage trials at the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research (IGER).
With materials coming in all shapes, sizes and weights, bale size is not that easy to reach if we are looking at maximizing weight and cube," he says.