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hay baler

hay baler, farm machine that packs and ties (or wraps in plastic) field-dried hay into bundles, called bales, for convenient handling, storage, and shipping. It ordinarily picks up hay that has been raked into rows (see rake)and packs and ties it into round or rectangular bales to be picked up by truck. Some modern balers include automatic stacking or loading devices. Very large bales are often stored in the field and moved with front-end loaders. Nearly all hay in the United States is baled.


See C. Culpin, Farm Machinery (12th ed. 1992).

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(mechanical engineering)
A machine which takes large quantities of raw or finished materials and binds them with rope or metal straps or wires into a large package.
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This is a copy of an advertising brochure for the pull-type Innes self-tying hay baler produced by Innes Mfg.
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The festival was held on the weekend of June 28 to 29 in Baler, Aurora.
Not only was Jones Balers set to launch its combine harvester, Allis Chalmers had the idea and the patent for a round baler.
Midwest Baler Services, based in Cicerco Ill., was created in 2004 by Larry D.
Since the baler would be located outside of the facility, it was also apparent that an automated system was required.
Sage Automation has made initial studies of such a baler. Conclusions are that such a baler is practical up to a platen load capacity of about 80 tons.
When you consider purchasing a baler, pay particular attention to the feeding system you select.
Our baling was done by a custom operator with a John Deere 14T square baler. Many of the farmers who relied on the round bales worked off the farm, so they left the hay bales in the field to be hauled as time permitted.
On Sabang Beach in my hometown of Baler, Aurora, while the sun was setting and I was learning to surf a long time ago, I was about to give up after being wiped out for the nth time.
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