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, baulk
1. a roughly squared heavy timber beam
2. a timber tie beam of a roof
3. Baseball an illegal motion by a pitcher towards the plate or towards the base when there are runners on base, esp without delivering the ball


A strip of earth left in place between the trenches of an archeological dig to permit study of the stratigraphy of the area as long as possible.

balk, baulk

1. A squared timber used in building construction.
2. A low ridge of earth that marks a boundary line.


i. An aborted landing resulting from something happening on the final stages of the approach, such as an obstruction on the runway.
ii. To obstruct landing of an approaching aircraft, forcing it to overshoot.
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The manufacturers balked at such a suggestion and in October 2004, more than a decade later, the NHTSA determined that rather than specify a particular time frame, manufacturers would be allowed to submit a schedule of when they will inform dealers and distributors of safety defects to the agency.
Mia Kang, a San Antonio high school freshman, balked at taking a practice test in February.
When Fuad Hussein and his committee started reviewing the textbooks, he recalls, one teacher balked during the first session.
The Agnelli family, which controls 33 percent of Club Med's voting rights, balked at ponying up for Bourguignon's ideas after the company reported a $63.
Uruguay, which balked at privatizations, didn't pass liability protection laws until 2000.
The United States had ratified the 1972 treaty along with 142 other countries--including Iran, Iraq, Russia, and China--but balked at agreeing to any further restrictions.
On that front, a fund manager recently moved into the space that Bill Clinton balked on.
The Service also balked at using an investment-tax-credit (ITC) approach to determine which items could be depreciated as personal property.
We had a couple more cordial conversations and then when it came time for an extended one, he balked.
She even balked when executive producer Wolf Koenig finally approached her about taking the lead on her own film.
But committee members balked at an immediate okay, noting that Rifkin (president of the Washington, D.
While respondents from states in the tornado belt balked at subsidizing coastal states, those in high-risk areas would welcome a federal backstop.