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, baulk
1. a roughly squared heavy timber beam
2. a timber tie beam of a roof
3. Baseball an illegal motion by a pitcher towards the plate or towards the base when there are runners on base, esp without delivering the ball
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A strip of earth left in place between the trenches of an archeological dig to permit study of the stratigraphy of the area as long as possible.
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balk, baulk

1. A squared timber used in building construction.
2. A low ridge of earth that marks a boundary line.
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i. An aborted landing resulting from something happening on the final stages of the approach, such as an obstruction on the runway.
ii. To obstruct landing of an approaching aircraft, forcing it to overshoot.
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Darvish exited after the ninth Braves batter of the inning and admitted the balk call hurt.
"But over the course of my career, I've done that many times, and it was never called balk. Even Freeman told me it wasn't a balk.
With a runner on third base who is trying to score by means of a squeeze play or a steal, if the catcher or any other fielder steps on or in front of home base without possession of the ball--or touches the batter or his bat--the pitcher shall be charged with a balk, the batter shall be awarded first base on the interference, and the ball is dead.
When a batter walks or is hit by a pitch following a balk, the umpire awards the batter first base.
The customers are allowed to decide whether to join or balk or renege, that is, leave after joining the queue without getting served.
That's when Bard was hit with his first balk, which allowed Hosmer to score and sent Moustakas to second base.
Anyway, Oaky Balks demonstrates the foolishness of generalising about something so terribly, vitally important to the economy of this country as street names.
If you're the one assigning people to mentor and they balk, let them off the hook.
International community balks at paying half the costs of conservation; and Ecuador shelves plans to protect Amazon rainforest park against oil drilling
The alleged godfather of the "discernible stop" syndrome was the then Cardinals' manager Whitey Herzog who vehemently insisted that Twins' pitcher Bert Blyleven committed 19 uncalled balks during one of the World Series games played between the Cards and Twins the year before.