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The rules of the oval ball game are so complex (too complex in my opinion) that explanations (and maybe warnings) are necessary, for players and spectators alike.
The winner of the Ball Game is the person left holding the ball when the klaxon is sounded - Stuart McLean from Atherstone took the honour this year - but, for the Adders, the winning line remains three months away.
So in 1528, Europeans saw a ball game that had been played in America, probably for more than three thousand years.
Between June 13 and July 4, Rockies fans can take advantage of the offer to "Bring a buddy to the ball game for a buck.
It features a photographic history of the Atherstone Ball Game, which dfates back more than 800 years, and is on show for the next month at Bedworth Heritage Centre.
I think they've learned the lesson and hopefully in the next game, it will be a different ball game," Waqar said.
It would be difficult to make a direct link between the Mayan ball game and modern-day soccer," said Professor Bryan Just, curator and lecturer in the Art of the Ancient Americas for the Princeton University Art Museum.
KEEPY UPPY A ball game STILL AFLOAT Eugenie makes sure nothing has gone astray BREAST STROKE A gal pal helps keep things in order
THE rules of Sedgefield Shrove Tuesday Ball Game have gone unchanged for centuries - which would be great if anyone actually knew what the rules were.
com, 0845 345 0728); Click and Catch ball game pounds 1.
Also: Angels outfielder Juan Rivera suffered a broken bone in his lower left leg during a winter ball game in Venezuela.