ball joint

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ball joint:

see ball-and-socket jointball-and-socket joint,
in engineering, mechanical connection used between parts that must be allowed some relative angular motion in nearly all directions. As the name implies, the joint consists essentially of a spherical knob at the end of a shaft, with the knob fitting
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ball joint

[′bȯl ‚jȯint]
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ball joint

A joint in which one part has a ball-shaped end that is held in a spherical shell attached to the other, thereby permitting the axis of one part to be set at any angle with respect to the other.
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ball-and-socket joint

, ball joint
1. a coupling between two rods, tubes, etc., that consists of a spherical part fitting into a spherical socket, allowing free movement within a specific conical volume
2. Anatomy a bony joint, such as the hip joint, in which a rounded head fits into a rounded cavity, allowing a wide range of movement
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([partial derivative][T.sub.ij]/[partial derivative][Z.sub.A]) : ball joint input torque per suspension stroke unit in state A
While in this case the ALJ made no finding regarding whether Lafarge had actual notice that the movement in the ball joints was sufficient to constitute a violation, Lafarge's witness did testify that a ball joint would be hazardously defective if it moves more than 1/4 in.
Initial Design of the Ball Joint. The balljoint of the present study is the part mounted on a pickup truck being produced at A company.
RAY: It's unlikely that you'd be able to determine, by driving the car, whether your ball joints are bad.
Urbaniak has recreated new joints f-or more than 2,000 young patients with avascular necrosis (AVN), a disease that occurs when blood flow to the ball joint is inadequate, eventually resulting in hip joint collapse.
The business specialises in ball joint restoration and three dimensional wheel alignment, which is designed to improve vehicle suspension systems by ensuring all four wheels and the body of the vehicle a recorrectly positioned to ensure easier handling, better steering and more efficient tyre wear.
Figure 5 is a top view of the ball joint showing wear patterns from the drive shaft rotor just above the ball joint.
Mr Smith claimed a worn ball joint in the steering mechanism was to blame for the accident.
At the top of each arm is a 35/25 ground glass fitting in which a Teflon ball joint stopper is used to seal the tube or where a condenser can be attached, if it is desired to reflux the immersion fluid.
The 2007-2013 Outlander will receive a rubber boot on the ball joint to prevent water intrusion.