ball joint

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ball joint:

see ball-and-socket jointball-and-socket joint,
in engineering, mechanical connection used between parts that must be allowed some relative angular motion in nearly all directions. As the name implies, the joint consists essentially of a spherical knob at the end of a shaft, with the knob fitting
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ball joint

[′bȯl ‚jȯint]

ball joint

A joint in which one part has a ball-shaped end that is held in a spherical shell attached to the other, thereby permitting the axis of one part to be set at any angle with respect to the other.

ball-and-socket joint

, ball joint
1. a coupling between two rods, tubes, etc., that consists of a spherical part fitting into a spherical socket, allowing free movement within a specific conical volume
2. Anatomy a bony joint, such as the hip joint, in which a rounded head fits into a rounded cavity, allowing a wide range of movement
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To get the guidance you need for maintaining your HMMWV's ball joints correctly, take a look at your HMMWV's operator and maintenance manuals.
In this research, Frost & Sullivan's expert analysts thoroughly examine the following markets: ball joints, tie rods, control arms, idler and Pitman arms, and center and drag links.
Moog's latest design breakthrough - an all-new high-performance ball joint featuring a polished full-ball stud, CNC-machined housing and threaded and pin-locked cover plate - was the dominant choice of drivers and teams in the 2005 NEXTEL Cup series.
TASPRO's adjustable ball joint will allow precise camber adjustment while keeping the control arm in its factory location.
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Moog(R) Chassis Parts now offers a complete repair solution to help professional technicians achieve faster, easier lower ball joint replacement and enhance component performance on Ford Taurus, Mercury Sable and Lincoln Continental models.
a ball joint that could cause a loss of control of the car.
With the afternoon offering a repeat of the morning's loop of four stages, the rally saved its final drama until the penultimate stage when Allingham and Williams suffered a ball joint failure on their Impreza, gifting the honours to Llewellin and Edwards.
Knowsley Village As a driver for more than 20 years I have had to put up with this vile mess to drive on and to look at, and every MoT my car needs a ball joint replaced.
Wood estimated that the ball joint movement he observed had been approximately 1/4 in.
If the ball joint is good, there should be absolutely no back-and-forth movement in the wheel whatsoever.
Eventually they can become so bad that the ball joint splits.