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Three separate instruments record, on the revolving drum, temperature, pressure, and humidity at the various altitudes, while a fourth (at bottom) marks time interval on the edge of the sheet.
The pilot of an aerostat, especially of a balloon. Also called a balloonist.
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Rob Schantz of Jacksonville, Florida, who heads one of the country's few balloon insurance agencies, said no balloonists had asked if the activity could be covered under their policies.
Cluster balloonists stay safe by using special, strong balloons; they calculate how much weight their balloons can lift; they closely monitor how high they fly and drop ballast to go higher or pop balloons to go lower if necessary.
CONCEPT: Illustrations from The Balloonist by The Red The White and The Blue
A"Honestly speaking, I know the chances (of his survival) are getting slim,A" said Kaoru Kamishima, one of Kanda's supporters and also a balloonist.
He became the first solo balloonist to circle the world in 2002.
Woven around the universal themes of personalities and resistance to change, the book devotes most of its text to balloonist Thaddeus Lowe and his exploits with the Union army of the Potomac.
Anheuser awarded a $1 million prize for the first global balloon flight in March 1999, which was piloted by Swiss psychiatrist Bertrand Piccard and British balloonist Brian Jones.
Nellie Bly wanted to beat an around-the-world record which had been set by (A) a noted explorer; (B) a balloonist; (C) a fictitious character.
US BALLOONIST Steve Fossett got his first night of sleep on terra firma in 13 days yesterday.
Ailsa Spindler, a Scottish international balloonist in her previous life as Austin, was shortlisted for a job as executive manager at the Amateur Boxing Association of Scotland.
Anglo-Swiss co-operation boosted Lake Geneva regional tourist promotion in London recently when round-the-world balloonist Brian Jones who began the first successful global challenge with Bertrand Piccard from the Vaud resort of Ch[hat{a}]teau d'Oex, mecca of hot air alpine ballooning, was the star speaker in a series of promotional presentations to the travel trade and media.