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memory overcommit

A technique that increases the amount of memory available in a virtual machine environment. Two popular approaches are memory ballooning and kernel same-page merging.

Memory Ballooning
This method allocates unused memory (RAM) from one virtual machine (VM) to another. The term symbolizes an "inflated" balloon temporarily residing in the memory of the VM it was taken from, making that memory unavailable. When the use of that memory is returned to the VM, the balloon is "deflated."

Kernel Same-Page Merging (KSM)
When active memory pages with duplicate content are found, they are merged into one and marked read-only. If an application modifies a merged page, a copy-on-write (CoW) page is created. See copy-on-write and virtual machine.
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See also Aviation.
Balloon Hoax, The
1844 news story falsely reports that eight men have crossed the Atlantic in a balloon. [Am. Lit.: The Balloon Hoax in Poe]
Ferguson, Samuel
embarks with two others on air-borne journey over Africa. [Fr. Lit.: Five Weeks in a Balloon]
Wizard of Oz
reaches and departs from Oz in circus balloon. [Children’s Lit.: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz]
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But balloonists and pilots point to numerous challenges that make hunting from a hot air balloon difficult, if not impossible.
Cluster balloonists stay safe by using special, strong balloons; they calculate how much weight their balloons can lift; they closely monitor how high they fly and drop ballast to go higher or pop balloons to go lower if necessary.
A nearby resident told how he had waved to the balloonists seconds before as they passed overhead.
Balloonists at the Fiesta also take advantage of a unique wind pattern called the "Albuquerque Box." The Rio Grande River Valley and surrounding mountains cause winds to blow in a southerly direction near the ground and in a northerly direction higher up.
Information Ministry carnival committee public relations head Saleh Dawood told the GDN there "was a problem" with the balloonists' programme and that the ministry had postponed the show till December 28.
Dr David Bareford, double world champion and treble European champion balloonist, plus other members of the British Hot Air Balloon Team, will use the event to promote ballooning as a sport and hobby, and as a chance to sharpen skills before the World Championships.
Lowe and his balloonists provided effective aerial reconnaissance during several major campaigns in 1862 and 1863.
Two uk balloonists yesterday pledged to make another attempt on a new world altitude record after their launch was aborted because of an eight-metre split in the balloon casing.
Two UK balloonists yesterday pledged to make another attempt on a new world altitude record after their launch was aborted early yesterday because of an eight-metre split in the balloon casing.
and French balloonists, however, will not participate due to the terrorist attacks in the United States last month, the organizers said.
TWO hapless German balloonists crash-landed on a Scots Army base yesterday at a cost of pounds 50,000 to the taxpayer.