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name for any balsambalsam
, fragrant resin obtained from various trees. The true balsams are semisolid and insoluble in water, but they are soluble in alcohol and partly so in hydrocarbons.
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 resin and for several plants, e.g., the bee balmbee balm,
name for several herbs, especially Melissa officinalis and Monarda didyma, both typical perennials of the family Labiatae (mint family) named for their fragrance, attractive to bees and hummingbirds. Melissa [Gr.
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A concave cliff or precipice that forms a shelter.
A soothing or healing medication.


1. any of various oily aromatic resinous substances obtained from certain tropical trees and used for healing and soothing
2. any plant yielding such a substance, esp the balm of Gilead
3. an aromatic Eurasian herbaceous plant, Melissa officinalis, having clusters of small fragrant white two-lipped flowers: family Lamiaceae (labiates)
4. any aromatic or oily substance used for healing or soothing


(Block And List Manipulation) An extensible language, developed by Malcolm Harrison in 1970, with LISP-like features and ALGOL-like syntax, for CDC 6600.

["The Balm Programming Language", Malcolm Harrison, Courant Inst, May 1973].
References in classic literature ?
If he be compassionate towards the afflictions of others, it shows that his heart is like the noble tree, that is wounded itself, when it gives the balm.
Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love.
Having thrown a little balm upon the wound of the paternal heart, he pulled the ear of Grimaud, whose eyes sparkled more than usual, and regained his escort in the parterre.
With his air of looking down on the highest, and confidentially inviting you to be of his company in the seat of the scorner he is irresistible; his very confession that he is a snob, too, is balm and solace to the reader who secretly admires the splendors he affects to despise.
It broke in upon and dispersed his gloomy thoughts, and served as a balm to his lacerated heart.
We shall plant the other to-morrow, my dear Mynheer Cornelius," said Rosa, in a low voice, who understood the intense grief of the unfortunate tulip-fancier, and who, with the pure sacred love of her innocent heart, poured these kind words, like a drop of balm, on the bleeding wounds of Cornelius.
Then she lost herself in drowsy contemplation of the soothing balm of his strength: Life poured from the ends of his fingers, driving the pain before it, or so it seemed to her, until with the easement of pain, she fell asleep and he stole away.
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Balm Chicky co-founders Elizabeth Moskow and Abby Schwalb may have taken it on the chin on the February 3rd episode of ABC TV's Shark Tank, but they didn't let that discourage their mission of “moistening lips everywhere.
90 Kiko Kiss Balm in Pomegranate Made with shea butter and vitamins, this SPF15 balm hydrates and tints.
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