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see bombaxbombax
, common name for the Bombacaceae, a family of deciduous trees, often tall and with unusually thick trunks, found chiefly in the American tropics. The family includes many commercially important members, e.g.
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Ochroma lagopus. A tropical American tree in the order Malvales; its wood is strong and lighter than cork.

balsa, corkwood

The lightest of all woods, with density of about 7 to 10 lb per cu ft (110 to 160 kg per cu m); used for the core of lightweight sandwich panels, models, etc.


1. a bombacaceous tree, Ochroma lagopus, of tropical America
2. the very light wood of this tree, used for making rafts, etc
3. a light raft
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Severe mortality of bees that collected the nectar from balsa wood also occurred in plants at the campus of the Federal University of Lavras, in Southern Minas Gerais State.
Autodesk Inventor enables 42 Surfboards to create a new generation of wooden surfboards by taking the strength of woods like spruce and poplar and giving it the lightness and performance of lighter materials like foam and balsa wood.
ATL's ever-expanding range of products now covers a wide range of epoxies and adhesives, and composite panels using balsa or foam core materials.
Customers are turning to Alcan to supply composite solutions, such as selected-density and standard balsa, cross-linked and linear foams, industrial urethane foam, polyester foams and high-performance foams, to meet their extremely high material requirements.
Balsa and McGuire (2003) also considered the effects of two types of clinical uncertainty.
Using reports gathered from ships and patrolling P-3 aircraft, the Combat Information Center (CIC) aboard control ship, Stump, identified Balsa to be demonstrating suspicious behavior.
Balsa (Ochroma lagopus) grows in the West Indies, Central America and tropical South America.
a premier provider of high value-added composite engineering and design, today announced that they have developed and manufactured an alternative composite material to replace the balsa core currently in use by the Navy in ships' sandwich panel structures.
Shortages of balsa wood--used historically in model planes--have been cropping up, perhaps because balsa is used in those very large wind turbine blades.
PRISON officers foiled a daring escape plot after seizing a replica sub-machine gun - made of balsa wood.
Mr Allen, who had never jousted before despite practising with a lance and shield, was hit by a splinter from a balsa wood tip designed to break on impact with the opponent's shield for safety, the inquest heard.
1947: The Kon Tiki expedition set out with Thor Heyerdahl, aiming to prove ancient peoples could have sailed on a balsa wood raft from Peru to colonise Polynesia.