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, common name for the Bombacaceae, a family of deciduous trees, often tall and with unusually thick trunks, found chiefly in the American tropics. The family includes many commercially important members, e.g.
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Ochroma lagopus. A tropical American tree in the order Malvales; its wood is strong and lighter than cork.
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balsa, corkwood

The lightest of all woods, with density of about 7 to 10 lb per cu ft (110 to 160 kg per cu m); used for the core of lightweight sandwich panels, models, etc.
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1. a bombacaceous tree, Ochroma lagopus, of tropical America
2. the very light wood of this tree, used for making rafts, etc
3. a light raft
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This paper shows the implementation methodology of the modules that compose the Rijndael algorithm, which are described by an asynchronous tool (Balsa) and then synthesized on synchronous FPGA using a synchronous tool (Xilinx ISE).
Los datos e inventarios utilizados proceden de 7 balsas, cuyo nombre, situacion en coordenadas UTM, altitud, termotipo y ombrotipo relacionamos en la tabla 1.
In the second type of uncertainty, Balsa and McGuire (2003) assumed that physicians have no trouble assessing the diagnosis and severity of patients in their own racial group, but the indicators of patients' clinical condition are noisy for patients from a different racial group, possibly due to miscommunication and misunderstanding resulting from cultural or language differences.
With each group's boarding, the Balsa's crew was herded to the boat deck and the entire vessel searched for suspicious materials.
According to Albert Constantine in the book Know Your Woods, under favorable circumstances, balsa trees are ready for cutting when they are seven years old.
The balsa flowers are typical for the family Bombacaceae, solitary, sessile in fasciculate inflorescences, hermaphroditic, 4-11 cm long, erect, with five whitish petals and five fleshy sepals (Withmore 1983).
Kung dati rati ay kailangan pa nilang mag balsa upang makatawaid lang sa Aringay river, ngayon ay mayroon na silang kalsada na maaring gamitin sa araw-araw nilang gawain (What is good with this bridge is that our countrymen need not take a raft to cross Aringay river because there is now a road they can use for everyday use)," Villar said.
An international team of engineers has "hijacked" balsa wood's natural structure, transforming the soft but sturdy material into something incredibly lightweight, compressible and resilient.
8DA followed YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Adorned 9 Elate 10 Index 11 Leisure 12 Ape 13 Sabotage 16 Of course 17 Nut 19 No sweat 21 Mount 22 Balsa 23 Decimal DOWN: 1 Vatican 2 Gold leaf 3 Onyx 4 Belittle 5 Baku 6 Levee 8 Deliberated 13 Storeman 14 Gin rummy 15 Stately 18 Knobs 20 Silt 21 Mock QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Deaf as a post 8 Tea 9 Kid 11 Install 12 Slime 13 Eye 14 Pen 15 Scamper 17 Pod 19 Urge 21 Used 23 Army 25 Flop 27 Elf 29 Advance 31 Inn 34 Sea 36 Raise 37 Outrank 38 Tin 39 Ivy 40 Leading lady DOWN: 1 Deny 2 Ease 3 Fiancee 4 Solemn 5 Paste 6 Skip 7 Time 8 Tie up 10 Dense 16 Rum 18 Duo 20 Rye 22 Spa 24 Recital 25 Flirt 26 Maroon 28 Flaky 30 Dread 32 Nail 33 Nine 34 Said 35 Envy