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see bombaxbombax
, common name for the Bombacaceae, a family of deciduous trees, often tall and with unusually thick trunks, found chiefly in the American tropics. The family includes many commercially important members, e.g.
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Ochroma lagopus. A tropical American tree in the order Malvales; its wood is strong and lighter than cork.

balsa, corkwood

The lightest of all woods, with density of about 7 to 10 lb per cu ft (110 to 160 kg per cu m); used for the core of lightweight sandwich panels, models, etc.


1. a bombacaceous tree, Ochroma lagopus, of tropical America
2. the very light wood of this tree, used for making rafts, etc
3. a light raft
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I hunt mountain country with a Moses Stick: a hiking, binocular rest, shooting staff built from the balsawood light, oak-strong stalk of a dead (do not cut down a live one) agave.
My 30-hp, two-stroke engine, screamed back to life and drove my 36-inch, balsawood prop to its maximum rpm.
Velocity is a euphoric, fruity floral with top notes of banana flower--a unique flower indigenous to Madagascar; green jungle orchid and tart mangosteen; heart notes of dashing clementine, white azalea petals and aromadendron and base notes of balsawood tree blossoms.
The gurus of lo-fi deliver another slice of balsawood pop, slightly more luxuriant than usual thanks to the knob-twiddling expertise of Nigel Godrich.
Three pots containing different beads to be strung sat on the balsawood floor...and little else.
Synopsis: Toronto player depicts the real-life voyage of the Kon-Tiki, in which six young scientists traversed the Pacific Ocean on a homemade balsawood raft.
They are almost exclusively made of balsawood, which is a soft and delicate wood, meaning that individual pieces are housed in clear Perspex boxes.
'THERE'LL behell to payif thewife catches me lying on the floor withanattractive model," says the spry fella, all mock innocence andwide eyes, as he stretches out by the tenement blocks he builtwith balsawood strips, held together withglue, love and memories.
The production of textiles was traditionally so labour-intensive that the Incas valued them more highly than gold; Far right: a traditional Peruvian sailing boat made from balsawood, 1937
It's second division teen fluff with unevenly written characters (r&b star Amerie has so many plot personality swings as Sam's roommate that you wonder if she's suffering from some bipolar disorder), banal politics and a particularly balsawood leading man.
All sorts of materials were used to create mock-ups of products including clay, balsawood and polystyrene.
Performances from the balsawood school of acting - stiff yet flimsy - and a style of filming that underlines the cheapness of the production.