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1. any of a set of posts supporting a rail or coping
2. (of a shape) swelling at the base and rising in a concave curve to a narrow stem or neck
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One of a number of short vertical members used to support a stair railing.
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(building construction)
A post which supports a handrail and encloses the open sections of a stairway.
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baluster, banister

baluster, 3
baluster, 1
1. One of a number of short vertical members, often circular in section, used to support a stair handrail or a coping.
2. (pl.) A balustrade.
3. The roll forming the side of an Ionic capital; a bolster, pulvinus.
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From about 1740, the straight lines of the body gave way to a gently swelling baluster shape until about 1800, whereupon a vase shape became popular and remained in vogue into the mid-1800s.
"Adding cable railing to any new deck can be time-intensive and frustrating as it involves drilling hundreds of holes in post sleeves and intermediate balusters on jobsites.
Dowels at the end of each polyurethane baluster are glued into the top and bottom rails, and the entire assembly is band-clamped together before it is screwed to newel posts.
When balusters are hung from the top stringer, mark the location of each baluster and insert a deck screw through the stringer into the top of the baluster.
With its new Cambridge Classic model gazebo, Finyl Vinyl Building Products says it has achieved a "combination of grace and functionality." The gazebo design features a strong pagoda roofline, accented by a curved baluster railing, and colored posts and circle accents.
For added safety, it's a good idea to fix a wall-mounted handrail opposite the baluster rail.
THIS is a Waterford crystal large 19" high "Belline" pattern cut glass table lamp, of baluster form, on circular brass plinth base.
Other country furniture included an 18th century Welsh table with a cleated plank top at pounds 580 and a pair of long oak joint stools on baluster turned supports at pounds 550.