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1. any of a set of posts supporting a rail or coping
2. (of a shape) swelling at the base and rising in a concave curve to a narrow stem or neck


One of a number of short vertical members used to support a stair railing.


(building construction)
A post which supports a handrail and encloses the open sections of a stairway.

baluster, banister

baluster, 3
baluster, 1
1. One of a number of short vertical members, often circular in section, used to support a stair handrail or a coping.
2. (pl.) A balustrade.
3. The roll forming the side of an Ionic capital; a bolster, pulvinus.
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For extra decorative purposes, adding vertical balusters will finish off any handrail and turn the decking into a more prominent design feature in your garden.
The booth showcased the company's new lighting, baluster and curved rail products for Clubhouse Decking and Railing.
A mahogany four-pedestal dining table - the moulded D-end top with reeded border supported on baluster columns each with three reeded splay legs with brass terminal and castors, having two additional leaves - late 18th century, also with patent folding table top mat, realised PS6,000.
The collection also includes examples of all the known types of drinking glass from early heavy balusters to the lighter air and cable twist stems of wine glasses from later in the century.
8220;When we were designing this system, we just weren't happy with many of the current baluster designs in the marketplace.
The stippled brown glazed baluster form vase circa 1881-1890 realised pounds 1,500 at auction.
A pair of baluster vases of spiral fluted design on a blush ivory ground, sold for pounds 260 with a pair of 8ins two handled vases, one signed K Blake, the other M Hunt, achieving pounds 360.
I particularly like the baluster vase, pictured here, with irises and butterflies designed by Tom Jones for Royal Brierley Crystal in the 1950s.
The baluster form vase of similar design and age would be of a similar value and the vase of hibiscus design worth pounds 70-100.
The entire confection balances precariously on a stout powder-pink leg, visually somewhere between a baluster and a baseball bat.