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1. any of a set of posts supporting a rail or coping
2. (of a shape) swelling at the base and rising in a concave curve to a narrow stem or neck
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One of a number of short vertical members used to support a stair railing.
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(building construction)
A post which supports a handrail and encloses the open sections of a stairway.
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baluster, banister

baluster, 3
baluster, 1
1. One of a number of short vertical members, often circular in section, used to support a stair handrail or a coping.
2. (pl.) A balustrade.
3. The roll forming the side of an Ionic capital; a bolster, pulvinus.
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"Adding cable railing to any new deck can be time-intensive and frustrating as it involves drilling hundreds of holes in post sleeves and intermediate balusters on jobsites.
Grab on to great ideas THE dated boxed-in section and metal handrail did nothing for the staircase so we opted for a simple 2x2 timber baluster with rich mahogany handrail to tie in with the new living room floor.
HOW: The balusters simply slot into the base rail and attach to the hand rail.
Hefty, 6-inch-diameter balusters cost around $50 each; top and bottom rails each run about $23 per linear foot.
C.B.: There's a gazebo behind the spa with cast-stone columns, a the roof and cast-stone balusters. We also have fully automated controls and a chlorine dispenser.
Balusters. Balusters are thin pickets installed on the face of the fence or hung from a top stringer.
These railings can be installed on new decks or retrofitted on existing ones; often you can give a new look to an existing deck by saving the posts and simply changing the balusters and rails.
The Welters also added balusters, posts, and railings to their product line
In addition to fireplaces, AAA Architectural Elements also offers decorative columns, medallions, quatrefoils, shutters, balusters, brackets, and other unique items, as well as monument signage.
Throughout the text the author explores this tension: when the continuity of Venetian tradition outweighed Vitruvian authority, as, for example, in the treatment of details of capitals, pilasters, and friezes based on local models; when the new style prevailed in "modernization" programs where classical ornament, such as a fictive painted facade, was applied to Gothic buildings; or when the lack of classical precedent for the treatment of elements -- such as balusters or chancel screens -- led to a dependence on Renaissance theorists to create new forms.
But just the sight of a Thumb Thumb now sends her to the safety of the playroom steps, where she watches the video from a distance through the protection of the balusters.
You can choose from a variety of different shapes, materials, rails, balusters, newels and fittings.