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The kit includes two Micro SMD Grabber test clips, two Mini SMD Grabber test clips, two clip leads for Micro SMD Grabbers, bench-top DMM Modular test leads, multi-stacking 2 mm safety-sheathed patch cords, two SMD test probes with sharp, sprint-mounted tips, two 4 mm banana plug to 2 mm sheathed banana jack adapters, two mini-alligator clips with 2 mm jacks and a large folding pouch for easy storage and access.
The supply uses 4-mm sheathed banana jacks designed for safe interfacing and to meet international safety standards.
EASILY CONNECT DOUBLE BANANA PLUGS to safety-rated banana jacks. The Model 6283-C Patch Cord is a double banana plug cord designed for use as a jumper between test panels, digital multimeters or other test lab instruments.
The Model 9122 comes with an RS-232 interface, 4-mm sheathed safety banana jacks, and front-panel indicators and controls including an off/on power switch, a high-resolution LCD, and an encoder knob for quick analog-like control.