band spectrum

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Band spectrum

A spectrum consisting of groups or bands of closely spaced lines. Band spectra are characteristic of molecular gases or chemical compounds. When the light emitted or absorbed by molecules is viewed through a spectroscope with small dispersion, the spectrum appears to consist of very wide asymmetrical lines called bands. These bands usually have a maximum intensity near one edge, called a band head, and a gradually decreasing intensity on the other side. In some band systems the intensity shading is toward shorter waves, in others toward longer waves. Each band system consists of a series of nearly equally spaced bands called progressions; corresponding bands of different progressions form groups called sequences.

When spectroscopes with adequate dispersion and resolving power are used, it is seen that most of the bands obtained from gaseous molecules actually consist of a very large number of lines whose spacing and relative intensities, if unresolved, explain the appearance of bands of continua. For the quantum-mechanical explanations of the details of band spectra See Molecular structure and spectra.

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band spectrum

A spectrum consisting of one or more bands of emitted or absorbed radiation. The bands consist of numbers of closely spaced lines and result from transitions between energy levels in molecules, allowing different levels of vibration or rotation.
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band spectrum

[′band ‚spek·trəm]
A spectrum consisting of groups or bands of closely spaced lines in emission or absorption, characteristic of molecular gases and chemical compounds. Also known as band.
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