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The ChitoFlex bandage uses the same materials and technology as the HemCon hemorrhage control bandage that has been documented to have helped save over 100 lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.
They have taken part in Big Bandage since it began in 2013, and have fundraised at their venue for the yearly event by encouraging people to wear a bandage and donate.
For those not in the industry, Herve was the man who gave us the Bandage Dress.
Friday's "The Big Bandage 2016" was a fundraiser for Birmingham Children's Hospital and a host of celebs played "mummy" in support of the event, Pride of Birmingham star Connie Talbot, UB40, Wolverhampton Wanderers Captain Danny Batth, the cast of Doctors and Aston Villa's Nathan Baker joined businesses, schools, community groups, patients and staff by donning bandages and making a donation.
6 Once you've covered the whole hand, wrap the bandage straight around the wrist a couple of times and then fasten the end using a safety pin or sticky tape or by tucking it in.
NEW YORK--Bandage suppliers continue to make tweaks to the flexible, adhesive gauze bandage, introducing features that they say make the strips more effective to use and more essential to consumers.
COLLEAGUES at Sainsbury's Trinity Street store got involved in 'Big Bandage Day 2015' to support poorly children.
The results keep these bandage products among the main components of the first aid and accessories category, but other segments of the first aid business are seeing stronger sales gains as the home care and treatment trend picks up momentum under the Affordable Care Act.
Physicians can simply use the color of the bandage to determine the severity of the wound.
The initial color of the bandage is grey while it turns white gradually.
But don't expect to slap the new bandage on a skinned knee: At more than $90 each, they're only for serious injuries.