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, banderol, bannerol
1. a long narrow flag, usually with forked ends, esp one attached to the masthead of a ship; pennant
2. a ribbon-like scroll or sculptured band bearing an inscription, found esp in Renaissance architecture
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banderol, banderole, bannerol

A decorative representation of a ribbon or long scroll, often bearing an emblem or inscription.
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The two herbal agents from the Cowden Condensed Support Program selected for this study are Samento (a pentacyclic chemotype of Cat's Claw [Uncaria tomentosa] that does not contain tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids), with reported antibacterial and antiviral properties, and Banderol (Otoba sp.), known to have antibacterial, antiprotozoal and anti-inflammatory effects.
Under the new alcohol excise duty regime, every bottle of alcohol sold at retail (except imports and beer) will be required to carry two tax banderols, one applied by the producer and one by the regional distributor.
The Customs Administration is going to take over the management (issuance) of banderols, too.
In Turkey, compulsory security hologram 'banderols' introduced to identify legitimate books from fake copies were undermined recently when 2 million of these devices were stolen in Istanbul.
Philippe Amon, executive co-chairman of SICPA, said "a new generation of banderols has been designed to comply with the security guidelines from the Board of Revenue.
2003 sakes were heading for a 300% rise, boosted by the supply of hot-stamping-foil holograms for use on the country's tax banderols. 90% of SEH's sales are labels and HSF for government use.
The use of holograms on tax stamps (also known as banderols) has become a major market for the holography industry, while some hologram producers now have a very significant business in making holograms for tax stamps and, in some cases, being the turnkey supplier.
As demands increase for an ever more sophisticated tax stamps, in the next few years the government plans to extend the use of barcodes to cigarettes as well as alcohol stamps, and to increase the products to which banderols will be applied (they are currently used on bottles of spirits only, and not on other alcohol drinks such as wine, beer or champagne).