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see brigandagebrigandage
[Ital. brigare=to fight], robbery and plundering committed by armed bands, often associated with forests or mountain regions. Social and political demoralization, economic or political oppression, and racial or religious antagonisms may give rise to brigandage,
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Now this rock it has met has been a long and narrow boat, manned by six or eight men, who have surprised and plundered it, some dark and stormy night, near some desert and gloomy island, as bandits plunder a carriage in the recesses of a forest.
They are Spanish smugglers," said he; "they have with them two Corsican bandits.
And what are these Corsican bandits doing here with Spanish smugglers?
Very often the bandits are hard pressed by gendarmes or carbineers; well, they see a vessel, and good fellows like us on board, they come and demand hospitality of us; you can't refuse help to a poor hunted devil; we receive them, and for greater security we stand out to sea.
It is not their fault that they are bandits, but that of the authorities.
Well," said the young man, "let us demand hospitality of these smugglers and bandits.
On the other hand, he was about to land, without any other escort than these men, on an island which had, indeed, a very religious name, but which did not seem to Franz likely to afford him much hospitality, thanks to the smugglers and bandits.
A leather pocketbook, a purse, in which was evidently a part of the sum which the bandit had received, with a dice box and dice, completed the possessions of the dead man.
In the first incident, police claimed to have shot dead a bandit and arrested two of their accomplice after an encounter took place in Nazimabad locality.
Beltran said the suspects, who are followers of slain Abu Sayyaf leader Isnilon Hapilon, were positively identified by two bandit surrenderees who turned state witness.
9 most wanted Abu Sayyaf bandit in Basilan under Subleader Radzmil Jannatul.
Chapter one introduces Uncle Drake and Bandit to some rascally squirrels known as Ricky and Dicky, the Squirrel Brothers.