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Enabled by the understanding of real-time network fluctuations and the application of NewsTakes intelligent video analysis and adaptation, Bandwidth Adapt leverages NewsTakes' extensive experience in helping to define the MPEG-4 and MPEG-7 standards and creating technologies from these standards.
An active member of the ISO/IEC MPEG working group since 1992, an author and editor for several standards documents on the coding of audio-visual objects, and owner of 35 patent filings on video and image processing worldwide, Tan was instrumental in the development of Bandwidth Adapt.
And NewsTakes' Bandwidth Adapt shows the technology at its best.
The paper concludes that bandwidth still only reaches a small percentage of the developed world, but the metro remains thin in capacity.
com For details of a forthcoming bandwidth seminar in Hong Kong, please visit www.
Results of the report will be released at The Bandwidth Seminar (www.
For further information on The Bandwidth Gap report please email consult@the-phillips-group.
The possibility that bandwidth will become a commodity greater than electricity or gas will be considered by Richard Elliott, the co-founder and Director of Band-X, the international carrier exchange market, and a technical perspective of trading bandwidth futures will be given by Jules Putternam, Principal at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter in New York.
The Phillips Group will also provide a comparative analysis of pricing bandwidth, and new forecasts demonstrating a gap in bandwidth supply and demand.