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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

To dismiss a conjured spirit from a magic circle. It is, however, more forceful than a simple "dismissal," since it forces the spirit to depart, whether it wishes to or not. In that sense, it would not be used in a Wiccan circle, since the only invited "guests" are the gods themselves, who come and go as they please.

The ceremonial magic ritual of banishing involves inscribing pentagrams in the air, at the four quarters, with a consecrated sword, invoking archangels, and saying special prayers. A "banishing ritual" is often used to be rid of an uninvited spirit. It is, therefore, akin to an exorcism.

The banishing pentagram is usually drawn starting at the lower left corner and moving up to the apex, then on around to finish, closing, at the starting point. It can, however, become more involved if tied in with the elements of earth, air, fire, water and spirit. In those cases, the starting point is away from the point associated with the particular element. (e.g. Fire would start in the lower right corner, going up to the apex, since it is the lower right corner which is associated with the element of fire.)

Specific incense is also used in the banishing ritual. This includes such ingredients as angelica, basil, bay, mugwort, Solomon's seal, St. John's wort, and yarrow.

Herbs associated with banishment include angelica, asafoetida, basil, buckthorn, clove, cumin, devil's bit, dragon's blood, elder, fleabane, fumitory, garlic, heliotrope, horehound, juniper, mistletoe, mullin, pepper, pine, rue, tamarisk, and yarrow.

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