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see exileexile,
removal of a national from his or her country, or the civilized parts of it, for a long period of time or for life. Exile may be a forceful expulsion by the government or a voluntary removal by the citizen, sometimes in order to escape punishment.
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America’s lost tribe; suffered expulsion under British. [Am. Hist.: Jameson, 2; Am. Lit.: “Evangeline” in Hart, 263]
Adam and Eve
banished from the Garden of Eden for eating forbidden fruit. [O.T.: Genesis 3:23–24]
ordered from Flora’s court. [Gk. Myth.: Flora Symbolica, 172]
Bolingbroke, Henry
banished, along with Mowbray, by King Richard. [Br. Lit.: Shakespeare Richard II]
cast out from homeland for murdering Abel. [O.T.: Genesis 4:12]
Devil’s Island
former French penal colony off French Guiana. [Fr. Hist.: NCE, 754]
site of Napoleon’s first exile (1814). [Fr. Hist.: NCE, 854]
fire and water
Roman symbol of exile. [Rom. Hist.: Brewer Note-Book, 451]
Hagar and Ishmael
Sarah orders Abraham to drive them out. [O.T.: Genesis 21:9–13]
disinherited by father, Cedric the Saxon. [Br. Lit.: Ivanhoe]
banished by jealous stepmother. [Czech. Opera: Smetana, Bartered Bride, Westerman, 404]
Nolan, Philip
treasonous man sentenced to live remainder of life at sea. [Am. Lit.: Man Without a Country]
exiles himself for killing father and marrying mother. [Gk. Lit.: Oedipus Rex]
island of exile for St. John. [N.T.: Revelation 1:9]
marries Cymbeline’s daughter; Cymbeline banishes him. [Br. Lit.: Cymbeline]
Pride’s Purge
Cromwell’s ejection of royalist MPs (1648). [Br. Hist.: Brewer Handbook, 871]
her sylvan exile sets scene for comedy. [Br. Lit.: As You Like It]
Saint Helena
place of Napoleon’s second exile (1815). [Fr. Hist.: NCE, 2397]
place of banishment and exile. [Geography. NCE, 2509–2510]
Trail of Tears
forced march of 18,000 Cherokees westward to Indian Territory (Oklahoma); 4,000 die of disease and exposure (winter, 1838–1839). [Am. Hist.: EB, 2: 808]
expelled from Cornwall by King Mark for ten years. [Br. Lit.: Le Morte d’Arthur]
lowest caste in India; social outcasts. [Ind. Culture: Brewer Dictionary, 1118]
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or deterrence: banishment does indeed take something of value from
The most recent BCRs delivered have seen banishment implemented for a one-year period.
Bharat worshipped the slippers till Lord Ram's return from the banishment.
According to the leaders of Ulm in the early modern period, banishment of the malcontents would not only free up jail space but also keep bad influences away from the populace.
At the same time, banishment was imposed by way of mitigation for the death sentence.
Even the exceptional case of wealthy merchant Ichikawa Rokubei's wife, who in 1681 apparently tried publicly to upstage the shogun with a display of grandeur as he passed through the streets in procession, resulted in banishment from Edo and confiscation of family property--a severe penalty, but not a death sentence.
Locked in: Left-hander Hong-Chih Kuo, who during a two-month banishment to Triple-A Las Vegas went from struggling reliever to solid starter, is in the rotation to stay after giving the Dodgers another stellar outing in his second big-league start.
I am surprised that someone who is known for his banishment of clinical research in psychopharmacology relies heavily one recent study of placebo effects to make his case.
They manage to come to Canada together but are caught and their punishment is banishment with Damienne, Marguerite's servant and friend, on an isolated island in the St.
The jump in scale (such that internal and external scale now match) is enhanced by the reduced palette and Twombly's banishment of the quasi-atmospheric modulations engendered by the smudgy erasures in the gray paintings.
The period of banishment is almost over, and God's deliverance is not far off now.
Later, he would provide a haven for another great religious dissenter, Anne Hutchinson, after her banishment from Massachusetts, and secure a royal charter for what became Rhode Island--the first such English grant to articulate fully secular government.