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debit card,

card that allows the cost of goods or services that are purchased to be deducted directly from the purchaser's checking account. They can also be used at automated teller machinesautomated teller machine
(ATM), device used by bank customers to process account transactions. Typically, a user inserts into the ATM a special plastic card that is encoded with information on a magnetic strip or computer chip.
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 for withdrawing cash from the user's checking account. Increasingly common in the 1990s as an alternative to credit cardscredit card,
device used to obtain consumer credit at the time of purchasing an article or service. Credit cards may be issued by a business, such as a department store or an oil company, to make it easier for consumers to buy their products.
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, debit cards have been promoted as safer than cash and more convenient than personal checks. By 1998 more than 73 million debit cards had been issued, with a sales volume of $134.7 million attributed to their use. They are typically issued by large credit-card companies through their participating banks. Debit cards offer the holder more limited legal protections than credit cards. Similar cards have also been used to distribute welfare benefits to recipients in some locales.
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A spokeswoman for Northumbria Police said: "Police investigating an attempted fraud using a stolen bank card have released a CCTV image of a woman they would like to trace.
Qilong and Shenzhen Qianhai Exce-card Technology have entered into an agreement, pursuant to which both parties will coordinate with banks to issue China Union Pay audio bank cards, the company said.
The man said he needed to check the water in the bathroom, but shortly afterwards a box containing cash and the bank card, was found to be missing.
For two months, the overall consumer credit default rate has dropped to new lows while the default rate on bank cards has climbed," David M.
Police are investigating at least 12 instances where scammers have phoned people claiming they have been the victim of a bank card fraud and urged them to give out bank details.
Log on to the courier website and it wants a password before the bank card recipient can contact the courier's customer service or register a complaint.
TWO men have been spared jail after an elaborate scam to steal people's bank cards.
They are then assuming the bank card has the same pincode as the locker and using it to withdraw large sums of money from a cash machine.
West Mercia Police said it had received reports of a bank card con from seven callers in north Worcestershire in just three days.
Abu Dhabi: UAE residents will soon have the option of using their national ID cards as bank cards in financial transactions.
Officials of the ministry said the number of retired individuals reached to 130,000 while 40,000 of them would be issued with bank cards.
Shortly afterwards, a bank card stolen in the raid was used to withdraw "a quantity of cash" from a cashpoint in Canton, Cardiff, police said.