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longest river of Northern Ireland, rising as the Upper Bann in the Mourne Mts. and flowing 40 mi (64 km) NW to the southern end of Lough Neagh. It leaves the lake at its north shore as the Lower Bann and flows 40 mi (64 km) north past Coleraine to the Atlantic Ocean. It has important salmon and eel fisheries.
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'We recognise that there has been a dramatic increase in social mobility among young people which makes the banns less relevant.'
The Selkirkshire councillor said: "The proclamation of banns is not merely a ritual from the Dark Ages but a necessary and vital part of the census services.
The only change is that marriage is by civil preliminaries and not Banns. Couples must obtain a licence and certificate or a Superintendent Registrar's certificate just as they would for a civil ceremony.
AS your letters continue to pour in, supporting my call for a total ban on guns, let's raise a glass to Hamley's; taking a lead where the Government will not, they have banned the sale of toy guns.
PRINTS CHARMING Clooney's full name on wedding banns
Wedding banns were posted at Perth Register Office four weeks ago.
The morning service concluded with Jim giving the Blessing after declaring the banns for two forthcoming marriages - AndrewRobert Turner andGemma KirstenRowe and Lee Joseph Cleminson and Sally Clarkson.
We went to see the verger to book the church, and the vicar of the day did what he called a "package deal" - church, choir, organist, bells, banns and confetti cleaners (it gave the choirboys some extra pocket money.) All for a set price.
If you are Church of England banns will have to be read.
The marriage took place under a special licence which precluded the need to read the banns.
Three Scots couples are taking part during the show's run and all of them have to spend some time living in England with wedding banns posted to enable them to exchange vows on air if they win.
He held services in secret and did not read the banns to cover his tracks, Bolton crown court heard.