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longest river of Northern Ireland, rising as the Upper Bann in the Mourne Mts. and flowing 40 mi (64 km) NW to the southern end of Lough Neagh. It leaves the lake at its north shore as the Lower Bann and flows 40 mi (64 km) north past Coleraine to the Atlantic Ocean. It has important salmon and eel fisheries.
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The former Beatles member posted banns at Westminster Register Office, suggesting that he could marry Shevell there as early as next month.
1999 -- Interior Ministry banns the sitting of children who are less than ten years old in the front seats of cars.
Clergy are being advised not to offer to publish banns - where a couple's intention to marry is read out on three Sundays in church - for marriages involving non-European Economic Area (EEA) nationals.
The trailblazing couples circumvented the need for city marriage licences by resorting to the ancient church custom of having the banns of marriage read out in church.
The couple will also have to re-advertise their wedding banns with the registrar, which costs pounds 35 each.
Judge Richard Hayward also handed Brown a five-month sentence after he pleaded guilty to solemnising a marriage according to the rites of the Church of England without banns being properly read.
Boeing, the second largest manufacturer of aircrafts in the world, has announced that it is trying to deduct a term of these sanctions which banns American companies from getting a loan from foreign companies which guarantee exports to Iran.
The Little Britain star and Lara, 26, went to their local town hall last week and posted their wedding banns, as our exclusive pictures show.
IT seems that in Australia, or more likely the fantasy world that is soapland, people can get married at the drop of a hat without the need for a licence or banns being read.
The opening chapter focuses on the Chester cycle, considering ways in which the post-Reformation Banns worked to distinguish a more "ignorant" (i.
I'll post the banns, send out invitations, polish toenails,