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longest river of Northern Ireland, rising as the Upper Bann in the Mourne Mts. and flowing 40 mi (64 km) NW to the southern end of Lough Neagh. It leaves the lake at its north shore as the Lower Bann and flows 40 mi (64 km) north past Coleraine to the Atlantic Ocean. It has important salmon and eel fisheries.
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Advertisements like Colle's announcement and the medical banns Voigts explicates played an important communicative role in medieval England.
Exxon Mobil which is the largest American oil company is also trying to deduct a term of these sanctions which banns American companies from cooperating with foreign oil companies active in Iran.
The banns - which must be made public by law - list the comic actor under his real name David Edward Williams.
IT seems that in Australia, or more likely the fantasy world that is soapland, people can get married at the drop of a hat without the need for a licence or banns being read.
The opening chapter focuses on the Chester cycle, considering ways in which the post-Reformation Banns worked to distinguish a more "ignorant" (i.
I'll post the banns, send out invitations, polish toenails,
I just thought me and the LSM were to meet the local registrar at North Tyneside, give our details and have our wedding banns displayed on the wall.
Because there was no time to have our banns read we had to apply to the Archbishop of Canterbury to grant us a special licence.
An 'astonishing number' of young couples who have gone to him to put up the banns for their marriage have not known the Christian names of their own parents, the Rev R J E Pix, vicar of Malvern Link, said yesterday.
The worst part for Rev Wigley is having to read out banns for members of the congregation and then watch them marry elsewhere.
There, as on three previous occasions at the reading of banns, all are invited by the priest to declare known impediments to the marriage, 'either by God's Law, or the Laws of this Realm'.
Knowing they would not be issued marriage licences by the city, they pretended to use the ancient Catholic tradition of the triple "reading of the banns.