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For the bar diagrams, within each group the problems are ordered by increasing value of their average number of nonzeros per row (or nnz/n).
Comparative bar diagram between proposed system, Google, and Bing based on ROUGE-L scale is shown in Figure 5.
5 presents a bar diagram showing the importance the respondents have attached to the criterion related to the price of the trip ticket.
This can be well appreciated from the bar diagram showing organisms isolated in urine culture (Figure 2).
Statistical analysis was carried out as frequency distribution in the form of percentage tables and bar diagrams.
Figure 1 shows the results in the form of three bar diagrams. The comparison results of average marks of groups A and B are given in Table 1.
Bar Diagram showing Clinical Symptoms (modes) of Presentation in Acute Poisoning among Hospitalised Children in the Present Study (n=117)
The groups were comparable in ASA grading, age, height, weight, baseline BP, pulse rate, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation (Table III) (Bar Diagram 1).
5 Bar diagram showing the morbidity profile in our study (in %) Respiratory distress ...
1: Bar Diagram showing Age Distribution among Study Population Age Distribution 41 to 50 51 to 60 61 to 70 All 8 36 6 Euthyroid 8 33 4 Hypothyroid 0 3 2 Note: Table made from bar graph.
3: Bar Diagram showing Motor Distal Latencies in Nerves of Upper and Lower Limbs M Distal Latency(ms) Hypothyroid Hyperthyroid Right Median 2.87 2.65 Left Median 2.71 2.61 Right Ulnar 1.79 1.87 Left Ulnar 1.84 2.02 Right Peroneal 2.36 3.02 Left Peroneal 2.39 3.57 Right Tibial 4.06 4.08 Left Tibial 4.35 4.13 Note: Table made from bar graph.