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Temporary or permanent housing erected for soldiers or groups of workers.
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a building with residential, service, and training premises for the permanent quartering of the personnel of military units. The first known specialized structures for the quartering of troops were in ancient Rome and Carthage. Barracks were built in Spain from the 16th century and in France from the 17th century. The first barracks in Russia were built in 1741 in St. Petersburg, for the quartering of the Semenovskii, Preobrazhen-skii, Izmailovskii, and Cavalry Guards Regiments.

In the Soviet armed forces, in accordance with the InteriorService Regulations of the Armed Forces of the USSR (1960), each barrack must have special premises for the quartering ofeach company.

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Permanent or temporary housing for soldiers or, less often, groups of workmen.
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