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a metal rod to which heavy discs are attached at each end for weightlifting exercises



the basic apparatus used in weight lifting. It consists of a steel bar with freely revolving sleeves on the ends, removable metal disks attached to the bar ends to vary the weight, and locks to fasten the disks. The bar has a length of 2,200 mm and a diameter of 28 mm; the sleeves have a length of 400 mm and a diameter of 55–60 mm; and the disks have diameters up to 450 mm, with weights varying from 0.1 to 50.0 kg (international standard).

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There were statistical differences between the barbell and the Smith Machine for the military press and the close-grip bench press during the 10-RM test (P=0.
The lift-off of the barbell was used to synchronize the 2 cameras.
There are highlighted: movement duration divided into 5 phases of the movement, barbell trajectory (X, Y); velocity and force of barbell lifting (X, Y, R- their resultant).
Execution: This exercise can be done seated or standing with barbell or E-Z bar.
Once you are comfortable with the strategy, you can adjust your barbell, with the appropriate balance between trading, income, and defence.
A week ago, five of the men's CWG lifters were asked to go home from Pune camp because of shortage of barbell sets.
Previously the jury has heard that a barbell used to kill Ms Hyde matched one found at the teenager's home.
The barbell then rolled onto my neck, which immediately stopped my yelling.
Campbell and others (19) evaluated the effect of time (in years) and size of the stem and the barbell of tongue piercings in relation to gingival trauma and tooth damage.
4 SOME GUY'S HOMEMADE BARBELL This is my favorite piece of public art in LA.
Once you learn to perform the lunge with a solid technique you can add weight with a barbell or dumbbell.
First we will look at an exercise that will help strengthen the wrist - the barbell wrist curl.