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barcode scanner

A device specialized for reading barcodes and converting them into digital data. Pen scanners, also known as wand scanners, were the first type of scanner developed in the 1970s. The tip of the pen must physically touch the barcode. Later, laser scanners allowed the code to be read at a distance from the head of the device, enabling supermarkets to read round cans and flexible packages more easily. The most common type today is the visible laser diode (VLD) scanner, which emits as many as 50 laser beams simultaneously to capture the image at any angle. See barcode, mobile tagging and point of sale.

Laser Diode Mechanism
A laser diode (1) emits a beam (red) onto a combination of rotating (2) and fixed mirrors (3) that shine multiple beams onto the barcode (4). Although as many as 50 beams may hit the package at different angles, only one is shown in this illustration. The reflected light (yellow) is captured by the collector (5) and aimed at a sensor (6).

The Reflection
The black bars absorb light, while the white bars reflect it. Photo diodes turn the reflected light into an electrical signal, which is converted into digital pulses.

Scanning a Package in Staples
Modern omnidirectional scanners make it easy to capture the code at all angles with less precision required on the part of the human operator.

The CueCat - A Most Unusual Barcode Scanner
As the Web was exploding at the turn of the century, this scanner was created to give businesses a Web presence. Connected to the PC, users could scan a printed Cat code and quickly get a Web page. Another part of the system was software for the PC that had to be connected to the audio output of a TV. It would listen for special Cue signals and deliver the Web page. With four million CueCats given away and $185 million invested, the Dallas, Texas-based firm fizzled to nothing in a short time.
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For instance, within the automotive sector, during 360 degree logistics and production scenarios, that include picking, inbound logistics and sequencing, ProGlove's barcode scanners have been proven to save employees up to 4 seconds per scan, can cut 'time-per-pick' in half and ensure that up to 33% of picking errors are avoided.
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Conducting an exhaustive analysis, an outside auditor determined that the sole reason for the upturn in the 40 centers was that they had replaced their OEM barcode scanner batteries with new IPT batteries.
Capable of being scanned with a custom smartphone application or an industrial barcode scanner, DeltaTrak Inc.'s ThermoTrace TTI Time-Temperature Indicator Label is a new auditing tool meant to determine if products have been kept under correct temperature conditions.
Dr LeRoy (Lee) Dickson, inventor of the holographic barcode scanner and holder of 88 patents covering optics and holography, has died at the age of 80.
These new mobile devices, which include a hospital-grade barcode scanner, provide extended battery life lasting an entire shift on a single charge.
They're either trying to hypnotise their opponents – or hoping it sets off the barcode scanner twice when they're selling them.
The WLS9600 laser barcode scanner provides superior performance in fast-paced retail, office, and light industrial environments.
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New features on the updated product include a camera for attaching photos to joint records, a barcode scanner and full support for Wi-Fi and cellular networks.