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The company has been shipping bare-metal hypervisor clients in its Receiver product line since it shipped an Android version almost a year ago.
It comes with a virtualisation management console, as well as a bare-metal hypervisor, the Kernel-Based Virtual Machine (KVM).
(1) Type 1: It has a lightweight operating system that runs directly on the physical hardware [14]; sometimes these are referred to as bare-metal hypervisors [15].
VMware ESX and VMware ESXi are bare-metal hypervisors that install directly on top of the physical server and partition it into multiple virtual machines that can run simultaneously, to share the physical resources of the underlying server and deliver hardware-like reliability and security to applications.
"The network needs to be able to handle aggregate traffic from many desktops to one location in the data center, so an upgrade from 100MB Ethernet to Gigabit might be necessary," he says.<p>Are bare-metal hypervisors better than hosted desktops?
<p>For use of virtualization in production, Corman strongly recommended Type 1 hypervisors -- bare-metal hypervisors that run directly on hardware -- over Type 2 hosted hypervisors that are often free and meant for test and development.