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/barf/ [mainstream slang for "vomit"] 1. Term of disgust. This is the closest hackish equivalent of the Val\-speak "gag me with a spoon". (Like, euwww!) See bletch.

2. To say "Barf!" or emit some similar expression of disgust. "I showed him my latest hack and he barfed" means only that he complained about it, not that he literally vomited.

3. To fail to work because of unacceptable input, perhaps with a suitable error message, perhaps not. Examples: "The division operation barfs if you try to divide by 0." (That is, the division operation checks for an attempt to divide by zero, and if one is encountered it causes the operation to fail in some unspecified, but generally obvious, manner.) "The text editor barfs if you try to read in a new file before writing out the old one".

See choke, gag.

In Commonwealth Hackish, "barf" is generally replaced by "puke" or "vom". barf is sometimes also used as a metasyntactic variable, like foo or bar.
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I read WDJ's articles about BARF diets, and after more research, gradually switched her over to BARF when she was two or three years old.
Cytunaf a Chyngor Llyfrau Cymru (ble mae'r Barf yn gweithio nawr, i gael dangos bob tuedd) mai Golwg oedd yn meddu ar "brofiad newyddiadurol a chryf"
Among those eating the salmon pizza were Jeff Bewkes, Colin Callender, Carolyn Strauss, Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, Alan Barf and three dozen vets of Easy Company, portrayed in Band of Brothers.
He's also the person who brought about the Jacob's Pillow performances, since he and DTW's senior producer, Craig Peterson, are the ones who invited Ella Barf, executive director of Jacob's Pillow, to see Robbins's show at DTW.
The author's boa embrace of the connoisseur's creed produces its own kind of angst, and one finds oneself longing for some kind of acute present tense, some fresh blood, maybe a little barf material.
Watching Wit, which plays through January 3 at the intimate MCC Theater, you definitely get to run your own movies of watching someone barf into an orange plastic tub or go spacey from overmedication, not to mention those in which you personally escort a saintly nurse to Stockholm to receive her Nobel prize.
Tenders are invited for Providing street light panchvati, mandir to barf bala Karkhana to mata rani to mahavir mandir w no 21
A good idea, I thought, to stand and watch this in the hope that Junior would barf at the prospect of having to clean up dog mess.
North Yorkshire's Detective Inspector Dave Barf said: "We are committed to ensuring UK courts have all the information relevant to the case they are considering at their disposal.
Roedd na bobl o bob oed yno, teuluoedd gyda plant ifanc, pobl mewn oed oedd yn amlwg "mewn i farddoniaeth" o edrych ar eu gwisg a'r ffaith eu bod yn gwisgo barf.
Bydd Y Sibrydion, sydd wedi cael llwyddiant mawr ers rhyddhau eu halbwm gyntaf JigCal yn 2006 hefyd yn ymddangos yn y gyfres, yn ogystal a Frizbee, Steve Eaves a Fflur Dafydd a'r Barf.
At this point, you may also want to grab a barf bag.