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/barf/ [mainstream slang for "vomit"] 1. Term of disgust. This is the closest hackish equivalent of the Val\-speak "gag me with a spoon". (Like, euwww!) See bletch.

2. To say "Barf!" or emit some similar expression of disgust. "I showed him my latest hack and he barfed" means only that he complained about it, not that he literally vomited.

3. To fail to work because of unacceptable input, perhaps with a suitable error message, perhaps not. Examples: "The division operation barfs if you try to divide by 0." (That is, the division operation checks for an attempt to divide by zero, and if one is encountered it causes the operation to fail in some unspecified, but generally obvious, manner.) "The text editor barfs if you try to read in a new file before writing out the old one".

See choke, gag.

In Commonwealth Hackish, "barf" is generally replaced by "puke" or "vom". barf is sometimes also used as a metasyntactic variable, like foo or bar.
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Superior in quality, yet more affordable than many gift bag counterparts, THE NATIONAL BARF BAG is a meaningful way to dress up gift presentations while encouraging consumers to stimulate the economy of their exchanges.
Ar ol breuddwydio am fod yn gapten ar ganw, sioc i mi yw gweld wyneb y Barf - yn syfrdan a dweud y gwir
Mae pen-blwydd y Barf ar y gorwel ac felly dechrau ar y paratoadau Olympaidd o ffeindio dathliad addas.
The maintenance barf actually goes back to the days of the Romans, and, even though it makes you feel a whole lot better, it's still a pretty shameful affair.
At this point, you may also want to grab a barf bag.
The combination of what Pillow Executive Director Ella Barf calls a humanities program with the party and performances should offer "an in-depth consideration of the artist's work and engage the public.
Roedd na bobl o bob oed yno, teuluoedd gyda plant ifanc, pobl mewn oed oedd yn amlwg "mewn i farddoniaeth" o edrych ar eu gwisg a'r ffaith eu bod yn gwisgo barf.
Cerys Matthews is playing in the University Great Hall on Wednesday, supported by Fflur Dafydd a'r Barf.
I ate way too much chicken in one scene and Chris was the only one who truly realized that I was going to barf,'' said Bobo.
From one week to the next, you will see a contrasting of different styles of dance," says executive director Ella Barf.
Bydd y grwp lleol o Waunfawr, Y Sibrydion, sydd wedi cael llwyddiant mawr ers rhyddhau eu halbwmgyntaf JigCal yn 2006 ac yna Simsalabin yn 2007 hefyd yn ymddangos yn y gyfres, yn ogystal a Frizbee o Flaenau Ffestiniog, Steve Eaves a Fflur Dafydd a'r Barf.
His first ad was a barf sequence, but Birdhouse must be feeling sick to their stomachs after losing this hot-shot to the F-troop.