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A trim board used on the edge of gables where the roof extends over the wall; it either covers the rafter or occupies the place of a rafter. Originally it was ornately carved.



in architecture, including Russian wooden folk architecture, a board that is usually carved on the facade of a structure that protects the butt ends of the roof planking from moisture.

bargeboard, gableboard, vergeboard

A board which hangs from the projecting end of a
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Another frequently used system was designed specifically for underfloor measurements on transverse sections, as the flow in this area contains many small but strong longitudinal vortices created by various upstream devices, such as the turning vanes, bargeboards, and silly plate gurney flaps.
They must be British bats, with a very well organised queue behind the bargeboards.
Eaves, gutters bargeboards and all fascias can now be made from UPVC, which eliminates the need for painting or preserving, as they will not rot.
jFERRARI technical director Ross Brawn has offered Williams and McLaren the chance to 'come and feel' the Italians car before today's Grand Prix after claims that their bargeboards had been flexing in Imola.
A pair of bargeboards that serve as Kupe's welcoming arms fork from gable almost to ground.
Ironically, McLaren are now at the mercy of the same panel which they lambasted last year when Ferrari were cleared on appeal of any wrong-doing in Malaysia over bargeboards.
But the Ferrari team were penalised for racing with illegally constructed bargeboards - too short by just 10mm .
Replacement of fascias, soffits and bargeboards and associated works
The forms reveal the taxpayer was billed for "stripping existing roof covering, reslating with reclaimed Welsh slates, new leadworks to chimney stacks" and repairing defective bargeboards.
The team have revamped their aerodynamics, including a shark fin engine cover, wheel covers and bargeboards.
The property's no nonsense styling is typical of the 1960s with its big windows and uncluttered spaces, and buyers who dismiss such houses for the lack of timber porches, bargeboards - and twiddly bits - could be missing out on something rather worthy.
For comfort and economy, all of the homes at St David's Gardens are fitted with gas-fired central heating and for low maintenance the double glazed windows, bargeboards and fascias are PVC-u.