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Barium enema provides a reliable diagnosis by detecting the dilated segment and the transition zone in the colon.
These polyps possess discrete stalks and occasionally can be observed "en face" hanging from the nondependent wall of the colon on double contrast barium enemas.
Carroll E, Brennan E Radiation doses for barium enema and barium meal examinations in Ireland: potential diagnostic reference levels.
1 minutes on average to reconcile anomalies reported from previous air-contrast barium enema exams or computed tomography (CT) colonography.
Alternatively, double-contrast barium enema or colonoscopy should be performed every five to 10 years.
Performed under sedation, colonoscopy is generally more comfortable than flexible sigmoidoscopy or barium enemas.
Also, as an additive to a barium sulphate suspension PO exerts a spasmolytic effect on the colon in patients undergoing barium enema examination (Sparks et al.
They are fecal occult blood tests, double-contrast barium enemas, flexible sigmoidoscopies and colonoscopies.
had originally had an incomplete colonoscopy and never had a follow-up barium enema to exclude cancer.
He was advised to have a barium enema, but the waiting list was a minimum of eight weeks.
Barium enema - a specialized X-ray examination of the colon.
When I returned to England, I also had a barium enema and my appendix removed.