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ruminant mammal of the family Cervidae, found in most parts of the world except Australia. Antlers, solid bony outgrowths of the skull, develop in the males of most species and are shed and renewed annually.
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Many a dining and nightlife joint is littered across Lower Parel to cater to its clientele of business executives, but no Tryst, Cafe Zoe or Blue Frog can claim to have a microbrewery like that of The Barking Deer.
The 1,000 acre site is not far away from the Bor Wildlife Sanctuary - a reserve which is home to tigers, panthers, bears, bison, blue bulls, chinkara, wild boars and barking deer.
In addition to raising pigs, villagers hunt wild boar and barking deer to supplement their diet.
15 Which kind of deer is sometimes called the barking deer because of the doglike noise it makes when startled?
They have a medium to high-pitched barking which is often prolonged and repetitive, and has earned it the nickname of the barking deer.
There were more small rustles and a bevy of monkeys arrived, leaping and chattering amongst themselves, followed by scampering cheetal and barking deer.
And we saw a barking deer, an endangered species, which had obviously been trapped because it had one of its feet missing.
The mountainous area of Khao Yai contains streams and waterfalls, and conserves a large population of mammals such as elephant, gibbon, guar, samba deer, barking deer and tiger, as well as over 300 bird species.
It is home to tigers, leopards, spotted deer, sambhar, wild boar, barking deer, Himalayan black bear and over 400 species of bird.
An unbelievably fun cocktail of beer, effervescent music from the 90s that goes perfectly with the fizzy, frothy drink, the warm yellow lights and the woody, welcoming ambience make Barking Deer one of those places that don't need karaoke nights--people are going for it anyway