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ruminant mammal of the family Cervidae, found in most parts of the world except Australia. Antlers, solid bony outgrowths of the skull, develop in the males of most species and are shed and renewed annually.
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These animals include: horseshoe bat, barking deer, Gilgit tube-nose bat, dark whiskered bat, common bent-wing bat and yellow-throated martin.
Fruit-bearing trees provide a natural habitat for the Himalayan black bear red panda sambar wild pig and barking deer. Bhutan is also home to antelope blue sheep Himalayan musk deer marmots snow leopards Tibetan wolves and takins which is also Bhutan's national animal.
Summary: Loosen your tie and party all night at The Barking Deer, Mumbai.
Mitochondrial 12S rRNA gene sequence of Indian mouse deer was analysed with sequences of other deer species like barking deer (AF294731), sambar (M35875), sika deer (AY184433), chital (DQ017832), hog deer (AY775785), and Himalayan musk deer (AY847268) available at NCBI genbank using DNAstar software.
Wildlife in the area includes Jackals, Leopards, Kakkar and Barking Deer, while bird species include Pheasants, Partridges, Chikor and the Himalayan Eagle.
Potential medium-to-large prey of tigers found in both study areas include sambar Cervus unicolor, chital Axis axis, barking deer Muntiacus muntjak, hog deer Axis porcinus and wild boar Sus scrofa.
But Mahesh told my partner, J.Y.Jones, and me about hunting leopard, sloth bear, sambar, Himalayan black bear, chital, nilgai, barking deer and the strange wild goats, goral and serow ...
Write to M UNTJAC FACTFI LE Muntjac, also known as Barking deer, are the oldest known deer, first appearing 15 to 35 million years ago in France and Germany.
A glimpse of an elusive tiger in Periyar National Park is rare but elephants, barking deer, macaques, flying squirrels, birds and butterflies are commonly seen from viewing platforms, during treks or on lake cruises.
The 1,000 acre site is not far away from the Bor Wildlife Sanctuary - a reserve which is home to tigers, panthers, bears, bison, blue bulls, chinkara, wild boars and barking deer. Belinda Wright, executive director of Wildlife Protection Society of India, said: "She must have wandered out of her area in the Bor sanctuary."
In addition to raising pigs, villagers hunt wild boar and barking deer to supplement their diet.