Barometric Tendency

barometric tendency

[bar·ə′met·rik ′ten·dən·sē]

Barometric Tendency


in meteorology, the magnitude and character of a change in atmospheric pressure at a certain location during the three hours preceding an observation. The barometric tendency is determined by the curve recorded on a barograph. Data concerning the barometric tendency are plotted on surface weather maps used for forecasting.

pressure tendency

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On a station model drawn on a synoptic chart, pressure tendency is indicated at 3 o'clock position.
The change in pressure during three hours prior to the observation recording time. It is indicated on the right of station picture in a synoptic chart. Also known as a barometric tendency. See also tendency.
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The last timepiece of this series, the GWN1000RD-4A Gulfmaster, also includes Triple Sensor technology, but adds a barometric tendency alarm, Tide Indicator, and Moon Graph.