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Similar conclusions follow from [23] in the simpler barotropic case.
Interestingly, they used a mode tracking method to learn which NMRHWs are most likely to survive in a nondivergent barotropic vorticity model linearized about wavy (asymmetric) November-March, 300-hPa flows.
Sea level innovations, introduced by the assimilation procedure, propagate fast as barotropic long gravitational surface waves, therefore continuous assimilation with small increments during an assimilation cycle is advisable.
TC activity in the Caribbean is not only sensitive to ENSO influences, but to the strength of the CLLJ vertical wind shear, to the barotropic energy conversions induced by the lateral wind shear, to the intensity of the regional scale descending motion associated with the jet entrance, and to the SST cooling generated by the CLLJ at the sea surface.
The generation of internal waves by tidal force occurs in the stratified fluid when propagation of barotropic tidal currents interacts with rough surface topography, resulting in vertical movement and of local internal pressure.
Fluid pressure [p.sup.[alpha]] is related to bulk mass density [[??].sup.[alpha]] by a stiff barotropic equation of state [p.sup.[alpha]] = f([[??].sup.[alpha]]) + [p.sub.0] such that density fluctuations are small implying quasi-incompressibility.
Consider the motion of the ideal barotropic gas through a porous medium.
Note that [x.sub.v] and, therefore, all mixture properties depend parametrically on the initial pressure [p.sub.w,0]; otherwise all mixture properties are single-values functions of pressure p, that is, the flow in the two-phase zone is barotropic. For such a flow, the continuity and momentum equations (1) are decoupled from the energy equation.
We aim to derive a (2+ 1)-dimensional variable coefficient KdV (3D VCKdV) equation from the barotropic and quasi-geostrophic potential vorticity equation without dissipation on a beta-plane.
Here, EMT consists of two different components: the barotropic bulk viscous fluid ([T.sup.vis.sub.ij]) and DE fluid ([]).
Exact power series solutions of the structure equations of the general relativistic isotropic fluid stars with linear barotropic and polytropic equations of state.