barrel printer

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barrel printer

[′bar·əl ‚prin·tər]
(computer science)
A computer printer in which the entire set of characters is placed around a rapidly rotating cylinder at each print position; computer-controlled print hammers opposite each print position strike the paper and press it against an inked ribbon between the paper and the cylinder when the appropriate character reaches a position opposite the print hammer.
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drum printer

(1) A wide-format inkjet printer. The paper is taped onto a drum for precise alignment to the nozzles.

(2) An old line printer technology that used formed character images around a cylindrical drum as its printing mechanism. When the desired character for the selected position rotated around to the hammer line, the hammer hit the paper from behind and pushed it into the ribbon and onto the character.

Drum Printer Mechanism
The hammer pushes the paper into the type slug when it rotated around to the proper position. Such printer technologies seem ridiculous compared to the quiet, high-speed workings of today's laser printers.
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