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'Previously our largest spindle capacity was 3 inches,' says Anderson, 'with the addition of the Mori Seiki NLX2500SY we can now run barstock 4 inch thru spindle, doubling our current large diameter capacity, while increasing throughput.' 'We continue to increase efficiency, cut lead times and reduce cost by investing in new systems and machinery.' The new Mori Seiki offers high accuracy and high productivity with hobbing capability.
The new barstock SI magwell requires no machine work and features perfect Pete Single 25 LPI checkering.
Machined from barstock steel, fully heat-treated and finished in black Melonite, each features a 30 lines-per-inch checkered face.
Products are also inspected nondestructively to verify the absence of cracks, voids, laps, seams and other indications or inconsistencies, including high speed inspection of tubing, pipe and round barstock using immersion ultrasonic testing systems.
Even the barstock is stress relieved once (sometimes twice) at the foundry and then kept on PROOF'S racks, which supports every 3 feet of the 12-foot bars so they don't warp.
Machined from barstock and hardened to RC40, it arrived in the white with a Novak front sight dovetail and classic Colt style vertical serrations at the rear.
The original bracket was machined from carbon steel barstock, and the guard included two steel ears welded to a piece of bent steel.
Trigger System (adjustable), a receiver constructed of chromoly steel barstock and a chromoly steel barrel that's button-rifled for outstanding accuracy.
The emergency valves feature Elgiloy diaphragms, metal-to-metal seals, and machined barstock bodies to achieve 1 x [10.sup.-9] scc/sec helium leak integrity.
"If you can CNC barstock, on the other hand, all that technology is relatively well understood--the machines are efficient at doing that.
By using barstock bodies, TESCOM minimizes additional finishing processes, which at the same time, allows for flexible porting."