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The things Oswestry barterers offered in their previous scheme Welsh, Spanish and French conversation practice n Help with English and maths Reading lessons n Internet advice n Assertiveness training n Astrological consultations n Golf lessons n Sailing n Walking companion nUse of large garden for events Grazing; Log-chopping n Tree pruning n Jewellery making n Building robots n Car lifts n Wallpaper stripping Salsa partner n Piano tuning n Hire of camcorder n Mechanic skills n Tractor tyres n House cleaning n Carpet shampooing n A room for music practice, quiet study or small meeting n Dolls' house furniture n Yurt for hire n Dogwalking n Cat-sitting n Pedigree saddleback sow n Two donkeys n Three sheep n Two geese and a gander
Job applicants, barterers, used car buyers, and apartment seekers get their best results from the medium with the most offerings.
Indians have always been barterers and traders," she says.