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We consider only normal and strange matter, that is, the baryons and mesons constituted by u, d and s quarks: the baryon octet (spin 1/2 baryons), the baryon decouplet (spin 3/2 baryons), the pseudoscalar meson nonet (spin 0 mesons), and the vector meson nonet (spin 1 mesons), which leaves us with a total of 54 particles (18 baryons, 18 antibaryons, and 18 mesons).
The proton and neutron are the lightest members of the lowest flavour SU(3) baryon octet, and neutron [beta]-decay
In the conventional chiral perturbation theory, the masses of the ground state baryon octet can be expanded in quark mass as [13] ([m.sup.2.sub.p] ~ [m.sub.q])