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see baritonebaritone
or barytone
, male voice, in a lighter and higher range than a bass but lower than a tenor. The term also designates a bass stringed instrument, fretted, with six or seven bowed strings, and up to 20 sympathetic (i.e., unplayed but freely vibrating) strings.
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The published version of a Diplomarbeit at the University of Salzburg, this slight little volume--slight both in size and in content--treats the exceedingly subtle semantic relationships obtaining between Rigvedic simplex nouns in -ti and root nouns, s-stem neuters, barytone a-stems, and tu-stems, all of which fall under the general category of nouns of action.
It is likely, therefore, that the shifted accent of diva was occasioned by the barytone accent of the latter word.
asku- presupposes barytone *asku-) should not be overly troubling, especially in a Wanderwort.