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Beneath the four funerary chambers are Sassanian era (224-651 CE) bas-reliefs cut into the cliff depicting vivid scenes of imperial conquests and royal ceremonies.
Thus, we can say that Jensen is already constructing a world in his description of the bas-relief. But the description is a representation of something that exists in reality and the details provided are very likely the author's conjectures and his choices in the first formulations of his character.
Said to have been carved around 1892-1896, the bas-relief has a length of two-and-a-half feet and a width of 18.5 inches.
In the drawing of the bas-relief discovered in Room III is a walled city.
We decided the best option was a bas-relief plaque in Guildhall Square.
C'est le sculpteur du bas-relief, c'est Jensen, l'auteur d'un roman?
In that time he has won numerous awards, created over 3,000 individual portraits, inspiring monuments, completed numerous private commissions, as well as an impressive collection of bas-relief fresco artwork.
Extend the activity by teaching students how to make a bas-relief lion.
His work contributes substantially to the debate of ideas and leads the way in the movement towards new concepts in the art scene and the world at large." New works presented at Mathaf will include the eponymous L'age d'or, a bas-relief work of gold-plated brass depicting the artist's four young daughters, and Julie, a life-size sculpture of the artist's wife made from both salt stone from Siwa and a rock local to the region of Qatar.
If false and genuine intimacy serves as the central motif of this bas-relief, force flanks it.
Landmark West!, a New York-based historic preservation group, has succeeding in stopping a local entrepreneur from tearing down a rustic Cuban bas-relief mural in Manhattan's Upper West Side of Manhattan.